Internet Banking 

Do you need to manage your accounts on the Web and access your QNB ALAHLI accounts anywhere round the clock?
Internet Banking is the latest electronic banking service allowing you to access your QNB ALAHLI accounts, monitor them and make transfers through the internet, done in total confidentiality secured by your unique user ID and password.


  • Convenience: From anywhere in the world
  • Simplicity: It is a friendly-user site that enables customers to monitor account(s) and make transfers.
  • Security & Privacy: All transactions are done in total confidentiality, secured by the customers’ password.
  • Reduced Tariff: Enjoy 50% discount on Swift & commission charges.

General Features:

  • Inquire about the account(s) and credit card(s) balances and movements.
  • View detailed accounts’ transactions for the last 60 days.
  • Settle the credit card dues.
  • Make internal fund transfers between the customer’s own accounts.
  • Make internal fund transfers to pre-defined QNB ALAHLI beneficiaries’ accounts by specifying them in the subscription application or by visiting the branch afterward.
  • Make external fund transfers to other accounts at any other bank inside or outside Egypt by filling in “Internet Banking” application with a transferring limit of EGP 10,000 units by default; whereas customer can increase or decrease this limit whenever he/she needs. The other accounts should be clearly specified by the customer in “Internet Banking 2” application and approved by the branch.
  • Charge QNB ALAHLI internet card.
  • Download account statements for reconciliation purposes.
  • Check time deposit(s) and their maturity dates (TD(s) are added to the customer’s Internet Banking account by his/her request).
  • Order a cheque book to be collected from the customer’s branch.
  • Set an appointment with your branch.
  • Send comments to the bank and get the feedback.
  • Stop payment of cheques (takes 2 days to be processed on the branch level).
  • Request to reset PIN number.

For further information, please visit the nearest QNB ALAHLI branch or contact 19700