VISA Internet Card 

QNB ALAHLI VISA Internet Cards offers a wide range of reloadable cards, that you can use for bill payment, shopping, online purchasing, and more.

Visa Internet  cards provide easy, convenient, and secure ways to pay anytime and anywhere. 


Worldwide acceptance

All QNB ALAHLI Visa Internet cards are accepted at any place visa logo is displayed.

Secure and Convenient Payment Tool

The ability to set a limit by loading the amount desired on the card according to the value of the payment.

Re-loadable infinitely

QNB ALAHLI VISA prepaid cards could be re-loaded with unlimited number of times.

Gift card Choice

QNB ALAHLI prepaid gift cards are the perfect for any occasion smart, thoughtful, and always well received.

QNB ALAHLI Prepaid Cards:

  • Visa Internet Card
  • Visa Youth Internet Card

For further information, please visit the nearest QNB ALAHLI branch or contact 19700