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Advanced TransClick service:


It is a trigger tool that will check your account at a pre-agreed time and calculates the amount to be transferred to other QNBAA accounts according to the terms of the instructions you defined in the branch.



  • Transfer between own accounts or any accounts within the bank
  • Transfers frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and fix dates) based on your choice
  • Schedule the payments and define different amounts to be transferred on different dates
  • Trigger a certain specified amount or range of amounts that needs to be transferred
  • Transfer without minimum or maximum amount


  • You will be able to decide on the amount to be kept and the amount to be transferred to have a complete management over your accounts
  • Benefit from this useful tool to manage your payments and accounts balances
  • Enjoy the luxury of managing your accounts and dues without visiting the bank
  • Choose the frequency of transfer that best suits your financial obligations
  • Flexibility in setting the transfers amounts as there is no minimum or maximum

Explanatory examples on how to use Advanced TransClick:


Debit Example:

1. Instructions on Current account
2. Destination account: Savings account
3. Balance to be maintained at Current account = EGP5,000
4. Frequency of transfer = Monthly
5. Timing of transfer: 1st day of each month

Current account on 1st of March EGP6,000

  • Keep in Current account EGP5,000
  • Transfer to Savings account EGP1,000

Credit Example:

1. Instructions on Current account
2. Debit account: Savings account
3. Current account target balance = EGP10,000
4. Frequency of transfer = Daily check

Current account on 3rd of April EGP9,000

  • Debit Savings account with EGP1,000
  • Credit Current account with EGP1,000 to return to EGP10,000 balance

Terms and conditions apply


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