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Cash Loan


We finance your needs without limits

Whatever your needs are; whether planning to travel abroad for an enjoyable summer vacation, home renovation or wedding preparation, now with QNB ALAHLI, you can satisfy all your needs with ultimate freedom and simplest procedures



• Enjoy easy and simple procedures
• Flexibility in choosing the repayment duration that could reach up to 84 months
• Repay the loan amount with fixed monthly installments to decrease your financial obligations
• Availability of preplanned bullet payment that lets you repay a bulk of money on quarterly or semi-annually basis to reduce the loan outstanding balance
• Enjoy the peace of mind as the installments will be deducted automatically from your current/checking account
• Benefit from our competitive interest rate
• Free life insurance policy that repays the loan remaining amount balance in case of death or total permanent disability
• An account officer will handle your accounts, follow up on your credit facility and answer all your inquiries


• The loan duration starts from 6 months up to 84 months
• Available for clients from 21 years up to 60 years at loan maturity
• Available for employed and self-employed
• Available in USD currency for payroll clients with USD salaries


• Maintaining current/checking account at QNB ALAHLI

For further information, please visit the nearest QNB ALAHLI branch or contact 19700


Terms and conditions apply

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