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During 2015, QNB ALAHLI succeeded in strengthening its position in the Egyptian banking market. As we celebrate the arrival of 2016, during which we hope to achieve more success, we must remind our employees and customers with what has been achieved during 2015. The components and reasons for success must be apparent to everyone so that we can harness these factors in the development of our products, our customer services, and the supporting of the Egyptian economy. We were able to achieve the desired results on 2015 through implementing more efficient policies and more flexible procedures that provide outstanding services to our customers at all levels: individual, SMEs and corporate. Taking into account the expectations of the economic situation in the country, our Bank has been able to employ balanced policies with key objectives and clear milestones that we strive hard to achieve. Supported by its confidence in the Egyptian market with its long-term opportunities for growth, the Bank has actively contributed to solving the economic crisis. This stems from its interest in financial inclusion and its importance for the development of the banking and financial awareness in Egypt that will push the wheel of development possibilities.



QNB ALAHLI was able to achieve remarkable success rates during 2015. Our Bank has been able to develop a new concept in the banking sector for execution techniques. This enabled it to accomplish unprecedented achievements at all levels for its business and clients services.


The success of our bank is derived from following the innovative and creative vision set by QNB group, The group has a significant role in determining the successful approach that inspires the most modern methods and technology to provide an excellent banking experience which is characterized by safety, speed and comfort to our customers. QNB group; which is ranked as one of the fifty best secure banks in the world, aims to become an icon in Africa and the Middle East by 2017.


At the end of the year 2015, the bank has achieved net profit of 3,080 million EGP, an increase of 40% compared to last year. And total assets amounted to 130.794 million EGP by the end of December 2015, recording an increase of 28% compared with December 2014, loans and advances portfolio by the end of December reached 63.969 million EGP in 2015, a growth of 27% over the end of 2014. Customer deposits stood at 108.806 million pounds at the end of December 2015, a growth of 27% compared to the end of 2014. Total shareholders' equity rose to 14.655 million pounds, compared to 11.699 million at the end of 2014.


In continuation to its role in leading the banking sector, QNB ALAHLI has been granted awards for the best corporate bank, Best SMEs Bank, Best retail Bank, and Best Bank in treasury activities for 2015 by Global Banking and Finance Magazine for the second consecutive year.

Besides our dependence on our excellent banking services in our continued support for enterprises, we also rely on the innovative solutions offered by the Bank Subsidiaries: QNB ALAHLI Company for Leasing, a pioneer in this field in Egypt; as well as QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance, which offers many diversified products to meet the needs of customers' insurance and savings, and QNB ALAHLI Factoring, a specialized financial institution in all kinds of factoring services, through domestic and international factoring services. It is worth mentioning that these companies are characterized by providing all means, competencies and quick business solutions to meet the needs of our customers, especially through applying accurate financial and business operations. Each of these companies is available through our broad base of branches lead by a team of experts working to serve this important sector of our clients.

In continuation to our support for the activities of community service, we have participated in various community service hubs during the year 2015. Based on our strong belief in social solidarity in facing the current challenges, and importance of implementing sustainable development concepts, we continued to participate in many initiatives and projects aiming at supporting the most needy sectors of society as a fulfillment of societal commitments in various fields. Our bank has made a donation of 25 million EGP in favor of “Tahya Masr” Fund, a Special Account dedicated to counter the effects of natural disasters," to contribute to the alleviation of people affected by the floods that have hit the country and to contain its negative effects. As for the support of health care, we cooperated with Magdi Yacoub Foundation for heart disease to build a room for post-operative patients in the children's center of Aswan. The Bank has donated a number of medical devices for a large number of government hospitals that provide services free of charge. Within the framework of social welfare, the Bank donated and contributed in a number of developmental projects that aim to develop a number of villages in poor areas, especially the provinces of upper Egypt (Edfu Aswan - the village of Adwa in Fayoum - Maharzh village in Qena - Abu Diab, a village east of Qena. As for our support for the educational process, we participated in the establishment and renovation of many educational institutions in the most needy areas all over Egypt like: financing the construction of “Nagaa El Omda” Elementary School for Basic Education in Luxor, the development of three schools in Edfo -Qena Governorate.

As we recall the causes and the foundations of the success of our bank over the past year, we are pleased to thank the Bank employees for their effort and dedication in order to achieve the goals and turn them into concrete results. The Bank employees are the most important reason for the success of QNB ALAHLI, which ensures the continuation of its accomplishments and ability to overcome all the challenges facing it. They are our greatest asset and we hope all the staff continues to make a positive impact, complement the ingredients of our success of high-quality products, strong structure, along with the outstanding performance of QNB ALAHLI employees. All of these factors herald a bright sustained future for our bank


We also thank our valued customers’ permanent trust in the Bank and promise them that the Bank will keep providing the best services and products that demonstrate the extent of their importance to the bank and the exclusivity of dealing with QNB ALAHLI .


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