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“A year full of achievements and exceptional nature” is the least we could say describe 2017 where it witnessed a major shift in the Egyptian market as a result of the economic reform starting from freeing the Egyptian pound, applying the Value Added Tax law, and reducing the value of subsidies on basic commodities, fuel and energy, which led to an increase in the inflation rates, with unprecedented numbers.

As a result of this, the year 2017 witnessed great challenges that the Bank dealt with professionally and was able to achieve unprecedented figures with high performance rates in all fields

In savings collection field, deposits rate rose to EGP 184.9 billion at the end of December 2017, recording growth rate of 17% compared to the end of 2016. The bank's market share of total deposits hit 5.35% in last September (according to the latest available data). The bank posted EGP 5.294 mn standalone net profits registering 31% increase, compared to the same period a year earlier. The consolidated net profits stood at EGP 5.525 mn, with an increase of 31% compared to the same period last year. Total assets hit EGP 223.0 bn at the end of last December, achieving an increase of 17% compared to 2016.Moreover, QNB ALAHLI’s strong loan portfolio amounted to EGP 112.6 bn at the end of December 2017, recording a growth rate of 22% compared to the end of 2016. In addition, the bank's market share of total loans reached 7.84% in September 2017, taking into consideration that the loans were granted in accordance with the safe credit policies and the absence of any risk asset from its investment portfolio, monitored by mechanisms and rules to increase the rate of deposits employment. We managed to reach 64% of total loans and deposits, compared to 45% of the banking sector, and maintain high liquidity rates for different currencies.

This year we have achieved exceptional results as the performance indicators confirm the strength of the Bank's financial position and increased customer confidence in the Bank based on strong ties with our various corporate clients, both local and multinational, in addition to SMEs, in which the value of investments reached EGP 25 billion, which reflects our great interest and belief in this sector as it is considered the cover of development for the Egyptian economy , The portfolio of SME's has grown to 17.32% of the total loan portfolio, in line with the Central Bank of Egypt initiative to reach 20% by 2019.

As for retail banking, the lending rate reached 16% of the total portfolio of this segment of customers. We expect further growth as the Bank strives to attract more customers and respond to customer and market needs by developing and delivering new products and services to suit the always changing market served by a vast network of 215 branches prevalent nationwide with the support of above 6000 bankers and a call center that helps our customers 24/7 in addition to an expansive network of 448 ATMs to cater to the needs of the largest number of clients at various levels and community segments.

During 2017, the Bank supported the infrastructure of digital payments from online banking and mobile banking. The Bank was also a pioneer in providing mVisa as the first bank in Egypt to provide this important service which will significantly contribute to the transformation of Electronic transactions easily and safely.

This effort comes in line with the main objective of the state to achieve economic development and focus on the concept of financial inclusion as one of the important tools to achieve this and a key cause of economic growth and financial stability of the state and the goal of transition from a monetary society to a non-monetary society. The Bank participated strongly in the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt for the Arab Financial Inclusion Week, the bank adopted this initiative as its administration believes in the importance of enhancing the concept of financial inclusion and expand its application among the various segments of the community.

One of the most considerable contributions made by QNB ALAHLI is cooperating with European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) for empowering women economically with the aim of utilizing the bank’s large potential in running economic projects with social dimension in Egypt. EBRD has cooperated with QNB ALAHLI via presenting $20 mn loan to hit $200 mn in the field of SME funding. EBRD has not only offered funding to QNB ALAHLI, it has also presented technical cooperation program to the bank and other associate financial institutions through building capacity and developing skills, in a bid to achieve a better understanding of small and medium-sized companies’ needs led by women. In addition to exploiting all the available resources for shoring up financial inclusion initiative as well as presenting the advisory support to the projects led by women directly so as to equip them with the necessary expertise and help them prepare financial data, organize training courses and workshops.


As part of its ranking as one of the largest private banks operating in Egypt, several cooperation protocols have been signed topped by the cooperation protocol with Industrial Development Authority for financing SMEs and investors’ needs of machinery and equipment, in addition to providing the financial advisory and the banking services required by investors and businessmen. Over and above inking a cooperation protocol with Suez Canal Authority in a bid to benefit from the geographic location of Suez Canal Economic Zone, attract investments into it and ramp up Egypt’s stake in the global trade by launching investment and developing potential in all the economic and social fields, plus creating an attractive investment climate through presenting all the banking services and financial advisory as well as financing the mega projects carried out at the several economic sectors.

The success achieved by QNB ALAHLI was highly marked by the several awards bagged by the bank from international organizations such as Global Banking & Finance and Capital Finance for the third consecutive year as the "Best Bank in Egypt for 2017" in Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, SME Financing, Treasury, and financing and execution of trade operations.


Social responsibility

As part of QNB ALAHLI’s continuous keenness to participate in different sectors of community service, our bank has cooperated with a number of community organizations such as Orman and Misr Al Kheir Foundation in various initiatives and projects aimed at supporting the neediest sectors in society.


In health sector, QNB ALAHLI has donated many vital medical devices to a number of health providers, which provide free services to the most needy sectors of society.

In the field of social welfare, the Bank has developed several villages and introduced service projects aimed at improving the living conditions of poor families in several governorates including Fayoum, Beni Suef and Qena. The Bank participated in the Orphan Day celebration in cooperation with the Egyptian Stock Exchange. As for the field of education, the Bank participated in the development of several educational facilities in the most needy areas of the provinces, including Qena, Fayoum, Luxor and Aswan. In addition to donating the tuition fees to underprivileged college students in different universities.


Based on the bank’s belief in the importance of supporting sports and athletes, the bank sponsored Squash team of Alexandria’s Smouha Sports Club and sponsored the awards of Alexandria Squash Championship held in Smouha Sports Club.


Future outlook

We look forward to 2018 as we continue our diligent work that aims at serving our customers and the Egyptian economy. We continue to adopt our successful flexible and up-to-date strategies in the Egyptian market, which will contribute to developing the bank’s operations to help it in facing challenges and cope with the strong competition in the banking market.


Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to the bank’s customers for their growing trust in our abilities, and their belief in our capabilities, and we hope that we could live up to your expectations and offer all our experiences for your satisfaction.


At the same time, I would like to thank all the bank’s staff as without their efforts, loyalty, and devotion, in order to achieve the desired goals.




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