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Credit Facilities (Financing)


CBE initiative


In accordance with the CBE initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises you could get finance to help you build your company and expand your project with the lowest decreasing interest rates



sized enterprises
sized enterprises
sized enterprises


 5% (simple
decreasing rate)
   7% (simple decreasing rate)  
 12% (simple decreasing rate) 





All sectors with attention to the important economic sectors, especially companies and industrial enterprises and those producing intermediate components of the industry or import substitution in addition to labor-intensive activities, while giving attention to projects with innovative ideas and export-oriented projects taking into account the geographic and sectoral distribution of companies and establishments to try to reach as many as possible of them at the level of the Republic 

The agricultural, industrial and new and renewable energy sectors only 
The agricultural, industrial and new
and renewable energy sectors only

Available Facilities

Short, Medium and long term Facilities 

Medium and long term Facilities with maximum duration 10 years to finance buying machinery, equipment's and funding production lines only  

Short term facilities 

Other Conditions


The client is entitled to enjoy this initiative only once through one bank 




Financing working capital

  • Short term overdrafts supported by commercial papers - assigned contracts - export documents - local purchasing orders or Point of Sale (POS) proceeds

  • LCs and LGs

  • Business credit cards


Expansion and development of existing Projects

Presenting the best medium and long term financing solutions with competitive prices to answer your different financing needs from funding production lines or buying machinery equipment, transportation vehicles, administration offices, warehouses,…etc.


Trade Finance

We have a long success history with strong performance in Trade Finance service, letter of credit, letter of guarantee and documentary collection in addition most of Trade Finance team are internationally certified by (The London Institute of banking and finance, UK and ICC as CDCS and CSDG)

  • Our vision is to stay on the top of the list in the Egyptian banking market and in Trade Finance services

  • Our mission is providing highest quality and technicality level of service to our valued clients and correspondents network



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