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Visa Gold Credit Card


Are you looking for a credit card with extra benefits? QNB ALAHLI is pleased to offer you the best benefits and diverse selection of travel, dining, shopping and insurance services that match your needs through using Visa Gold Credit Card.


• Enjoy a grace period up to 57 days on purchase transactions
• EMV chip-enabled to provide you the maximum level of security
• A worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants
• Supplementary cards with controlled limits
• 24/7 Call Center support
• Competitive interest rate
• Min. payment 5%
Installment program: Install your purchases with our different installment programs
Loyalty Program: Buy more …Get more points
• Exclusive discounts and offers at a wide range of merchants
• Free SMS transaction notification service
• Free E-statement service
• Enjoy secured online shopping
• 24/7 card fraud monitoring
• Flexibility for card settlement, you can settle your card through:
- Automatic direct debit from your account based on your previous minimum payment
(from 5% to 100%)
- Phone Banking
- Internet Banking
- Through the branch

Insurance services:


Indulge yourself with QNB ALAHLI insurance free services:

  •  Life Insurance on the outstanding balance
  •  Price protection
  •  Fraudulent charges
  •  Emergency assistance

General Conditions & Requirements

  •  Minimum Age: 21 years for primary card, and 16 years for supplementary
  •  Employed: Through salary transfer
  •  Self Employed: collateral up to 90%
  •  Required Documents: Valid national ID, Utility bill, HR letter


Terms and conditions apply


To apply, e-mail us on and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch


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