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QNB ALAHLI mVISA Mobile application


Scan the code...Pay....Go


Download QNB ALAHLI mVISA application and discover a simple, fast and secure way of instant payment to merchants, individuals or over the Internet using your smart phone.


Look for mVISA acceptance sign  visalogo and enjoy the convenience of paying with your smart phone anywhere and anytime. No need to get out your cash to pay. Just scan the QR code displayed at the merchant with your smart phone and the money will be transferred from your debit card linked to your mVISA app to the merchant account.


Features and Services:

• Enjoy cashless payment to merchants that have mVISA acceptance sign
• Transfer money to anyone having a Visa local card without any hassle
• Flexible and secure way to pay over the internet by creating your virtual one-time card for internet transactions
• Track your card balance and transaction history on QNB ALAHLI mVISA application
• Link more than one debit card to your mVISA application
• All your payments through QNB ALAHLI mVISA application are secured and authenticated with your 6 digits “mPIN”

Using QNB ALAHLI mVISA is easy, all you need is:



Fill-in QNB ALAHLI mVISA service application form at any of QNB ALAHLI branches


Download QNB ALAHLI mVISA app from App store or google play


 Link your QNB ALAHLI debit card by entering your data and activation code SMS will be sent to your mobile


 Create your 6-digit passcode for QNB ALAHLI mVISA account “mPIN”




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