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NSGB launches Visa Platinum cards

NSGB offers clients Visa Platinum Credit Cards alongside SAFWA banking services...
National Société Générale Bank (NSGB) has announced the details of its latest retail offering, Safwa Universe, a sophisticated banking service developed to meet the needs of selected NSGB customers. NSGB will be offering the Safwa Universe service to more than 30,000 clients, who will be given the opportunity to choose from a comprehensive range of Premium Visa credit cards: the NSGB VISA Gold and Safwa Platinum credit card.
NSGB in cooperation with VISA offers a range of benefits to the Premium credit cards, including prestigious recognition and global acceptance, high-end credit limit, competitive interest rates, and numerous privileges which include emergency cash disbursement, wallet content insurance, accidental outstanding balance credit coverage and travel insurance.
Mr. Mohamed Al Dib, NSGB’s Chairman and Managing Director, said that the bank studies the various needs of all the clients and then design products and retail services that provide the clients with the maximum benefits. Launching “Safwa Universe" service is considered a progress in the retail sector, not only on the bank's level, but also in the Egyptian banking market in general.
NSGB is considered one of the few banks in Egypt that offer all the exclusive and advanced retail services which are connected to Visa Platinum cards.

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