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NSGB launches "My Time Deposit"

"My Time Deposit" (Wadaety) is the ideal saving in Dollars and Euros. In early 2009 the National Société Générale Bank launched "My Time Deposit" deposits in U.S. dollar and the Euro, to be added to the multiple saving products and the different means of investments offered by the Bank in this area, and has designed "My Time Deposit” specifically to give it’s customers a secure means of saving in U.S. dollar and Euro to face of global economic changes. In early 2010 the bank has increased the return on dollar deposits of up to 3.5% to be of the highest returns stated in the Egyptian market and provide its customers with the highest return on their dollar savings.
Mr. Mohamed El Dib stated that; “My Time Deposit” represents one of the leading saving plans in the Egyptian banking market having a saving weight due to its competitive return and because it meets clients’ requirements (dealing with foreign currencies), this stems from the Bank’s permanent and consistent efforts to provide an outstanding level of banking services to the Egyptian market and to cope with the banking market.

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