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Credinil wins best loan award

NSGB’s Renowned “CrediNil” Program wins “Best Auto Loan in Egypt 2009” title
NSGB, one of Egypt’s leading banking institutions, received an excellence award from Egyptian auto magazine “Automobile” and won the title of “Best Auto Loan in Egypt, 2009”. Members of the arbitration committee was comprised of top auto experts with magazine readers unanimously agreeing on the award, which was received by Walid Chaouch, Head of CrediNil division, during a ceremony held in Hilton Dream Hotel to honor the best companies working in the auto sector.
CrediNil is one of the distinguished package of services provided by NSGB in consumer finance, and grants auto loans for clients in facilitated measures without committing to certain conditions such as being a former bank client, transferring income to the bank, a guarantee, sale proxy, or a copy of car keys.
The CrediNil program won the “best auto loan in Egypt” title in record time - its announcement in the Egyptian market was in May 2008 - for many reasons. Among the most important elements is the bank’s great attention to the establishment of a relationship that depends on mutual respect and complete transparency with clients, with a focus on keeping them informed about loan conditions and rates.
“We are pleased that NSGB’s “CrediNil” sector has won the “best auto loan in Egypt 2009” title within such a short period of its launch in the Egyptian market,” said Mr. Walid El- Chaouch, Head of CrediNil Division. “We aspire to maintain the trust of our partners and clients, and we will do our best to maintain this through the continuous development of a service level to match the continued needs of clients and those willing to get a car in general. I would like to present this award to all CrediNil employees, as this sector’s success is the fruit of their constant work for two years, and also to all NSGB staff in general, most of all chairman Mohamed El-Dib,” he added.

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