QNB ALAHLI launches the first digital banking platform in Egypt "QNB bebasata"

Posted on : Sun, 12 Feb 2023

QNB ALAHLI, the second largest private sector bank in Egypt and a subsidiary of QNB Group, the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, announced the launch of QNB bebasata's digital platform to provide all banking services without the need to visit branches or deal with employees, which is the first platform of its kind in Egypt, which comes as a continuation of the bank's efforts to support the file of financial inclusion and digital transformation in line with the strategy of the state and the Central Bank of Egypt to keep pace with global developments in the field of service provision. Banking.

QNB bebasata offers all banking services through a range of digital channels dedicated to its customers, which are designed to keep up with the latest technologies, and are characterized by superior ease of use, including QNB Internet Banking, Mobile App, and Customer Solution Center 16607 , as well as https://bebasata.qnbalahli.com website.

The platform also provides an integrated package of advantages that allows customers to complete their banking transactions without the need to visit the bank's branches, in addition to offering account openings or annual expenses for bank cards without any additional fees, including card renewal fees and other services.

The platform provides a variety of exclusive banking services and solutions to its customers, tailoring the needs of younger customers where access to technology is considered an essential part of the younger lifestyle. In return, the packages provide high returns that are considered the best in the Egyptian banking market.

Commenting on the launch of the new platform, Mr. Mohamed BEDEIR, CEO of QNB ALAHLI, stressed that this new banking experience "QNB bebasata" comes as part of the bank's strategy to support the file of inclusion and digital transformation, coinciding with the efforts of the state and the Central Bank of Egypt to transform into a society less dependent on banknotes by relying on the latest innovations in the payments industry and digital service, and adapting it to serve the requirements of customers in line with all developments that occur in the banking industry and new innovative services. This distinguishes the bank as one of the most important leading banks in providing digital banking services that it has been providing in the market for more than 40 years.

BEDEIR Stated that the QNB bebasata platform represents the finest, easiest and fastest banking experience that attracts new customers, and consolidates the culture of using modern technology and employing it in the banking sector, which contributes to improving the banking experience to unprecedented horizons and enriches the services provided by QNB ALAHLI, as well as providing an easy and convenient method for all digital banking services.

He also added that QNB bebasata provides a range of benefits to its customers including, cancellation of all bank fees such as account opening fees, debit and credit card issuance fees, higher interest rates on savings account, competitive interest rates on deposits and loans, payment completion and transfer of funds without commissions with reduced expenses.