QNB ALAHLI signs a cooperation agreement with Orman Association within "Hayah Karima" initiative

Posted on : Mon, 20 Feb 2023

QNB ALAHLI, one of the largest private sector banks in Egypt, has signed a joint cooperation protocol with Orman Association, a pioneer in civil and charitable work, to participate in some of the existing projects within the presidential initiative "Hayah Karima" to develop the most needy villages, as a continuation of the efforts made by the bank in this regard since the initiative began in January 2019.
The initiative is a continuation of the leading role played by the bank in promoting and developing community work and supporting economic and social empowerment frameworks by establishing effective and effective partnerships with all concerned authorities in accordance with the directions of the Central Bank of Egypt and supporting the state's development plans.
Mohamed BEDEIR, CEO of QNB Ahli, and Mamdouh Shaaban, General Manager of Orman Association, signed the cooperation protocol in the presence of several QNB and the Foundation's leaders.
The cooperation protocol aims to improve the quality of educational services, provide an attractive educational environment for students, continue to support the national initiative "Hayah Karima", in addition to preventing and reducing diseases resulting from the use of non-potable water, providing a developmental life environment for villages, in addition to encouraging those who are unable to work and continue life from the youth and people with special needs in a way that achieves a stable and regular income that helps raise the standard of living for beneficiaries in the governorates of Gharbia, Sharqiya and Dakahlia.
In this context, Mohamed BEDEIR, CEO of QNB Ahli stated that Social responsibility in all its sectors and aspects is a matter of utmost importance to the bank, based on our main duty towards society to achieve the best available ways to work on economic, social, cultural and recreational empowerment, support sports activities and improve the quality of life of citizens to ensure the achievement of the goals and principles of sustainable development.
 It is noteworthy that QNB ALAHLI plays a prominent role in the scope of community work with major community work institutions in Egypt, in addition to the bank's participation in all related initiatives, including the presidential initiative "Hayah Karima", which aims to develop more than 4,700 Egyptian villages throughout the country, where QNB ALAHLI is one of the first banks to participate in "Hayah Karima", since its inception and the start of its first stages in the governorates of Upper Egypt.
The current cooperation with Orman Foundation is a continuation of what has been started since the launch of the "Hayah Karima" initiative, which confirms the bank's constant endeavor to provide a decent life for citizens, as the cooperation includes donating to development projects in the governorates of Sharqiya, Dakahlia and Gharbia, which include a large number of drinking water connections to homes, rehabilitating and raising the efficiency of a number of homes, developing a number of schools, in addition to contributing to the economic empowerment of people of disabilities and opening job opportunities by providing a number of small and micro projects.