Affordable Housing Loan " Baitak Ma’ana "

Baitak Ma’ana

Choose what you aspire

Baitak Ma’ana program enables you to purchase an apartment with subsidized interest rate and no extra financial burden according to the Central Bank of Egypt initiative for low income clients.





  • Finance that could reach up to 85% of the unit value
  • Repayment duration could reach 20 years.
  • Freedom to choose the unit you want, in all the governorates
  • Free life and property insurance benefits throughout the loan duration
  • Make use of our legal expertise to ensure the soundness of the unit documents you want to purchase
  • Benefit from having your unit evaluated by registered appraisers for free
  • There is no extra financial burden



  • Available for employed and self employed
  • Available for Egyptians only

Segment as set by CBE

Low Income

 Subsidized decreasing interest rate fixed over the loan duration



 Monthly net Income


 From EGP 1,000 to EGP 2,100

From EGP 2,101 To EGP 3,500  


 From EGP 2,101

To EGP 4,750

 Maximum Unit price to be financed

 To be defined by MFF 

 Minimum age

 21 Years old

 Maximum age at loan maturity

 60 years old for employed and 65 years for self-employed 


 *Taxes and fiscal stamps apply based on the current laws and regulations

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