Affordable Housing Loan " Baitak Ma’ana " for Low Income Clients

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Baitak Ma’ana mortgage financing program enables you to purchase a residential housing unit with a subsidized interest rate and no extra financing fees according to the Central Bank of Egypt Initiative for Low Income Clients.


  • Financing ratio could reach up to 85% of the unit value
  • Loan repayment duration could reach up to 20 years.
  • Free life insurance benefits throughout the loan duration
  • No extra financing fees (no administration fees nor appraisal fees)
  • Possibility to combine spouse income to get a higher loan amount subject to joint ownership of the unit
  • Possibility of applying the increasing installment throughout the loan duration



  • Available for Egyptian citizens only
  • Available for employed, self-employed and clients whose income is hard to be proven
  • Subsidized decreasing interest rate fixed over the loan duration according to the Central Bank of Egypt Initiative
  • Maximum Unit price to be financed is defined by Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund
  • Minimum age is 21 years old and Maximum age at loan maturity is 60 years for employed and 65 years for self-employed




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