B2B Facilities

 Supply Chain Finance Model offers different types of lending programs & facility types with flexible repayment options for all business levels in the chain 

B2B Lending Program

•    Pre-approved lending package designed to secure easy / fast access to finance with competitive pricing
•    Main aim is to onboard all levels of the chain in A brief time using a comprehensive offer that includes financing options 

Main Documents

•    Valid Commercial Register (one year old) for companies 
•    Copy of Valid ID’s for the Business owners
•    Valid Tax Card 
•    Investigation permit/facility request. 
•    Financial Statements 
•    Tax & Insurance Position 

Facility Types

•    ODA
•    MTL 
•    STL 

How to Contact US ? 

•    Visit nearest branch 
•    Call us 19700
•    What’s app 0020219700
•    Send email B2B.SupplyChainFinance@QNBALAHLI.COM

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