Bankers Credit Card

Unleash your dreams with QNB  credit card that is specially dedicated for bankers to finance your unlimited needs.

Card benefits:

•    Enjoy a credit limit up to 2.5 times of your salary
•    Grace period up to 57 days on purchase transactions
•    5% minimum payment of monthly outstanding balance and up to 100%
•    Install your purchases with our different installment programs reaching up to 36 months.
•    Enjoy a competitive monthly interest rate
•    Collect points with QNB LIFE REWARDS
•    Discounts and special offers throughout the year with a wide range of merchants, and you can know more about our merchants offer by downloading QNB application on your mobile phone or  Click Here
•    Automatic direct debit settling of your dues from your account based on your previous minimum payment (from 5% to 100%) 
•    You can settle your credit card debits through:
 - Phone Banking service
Or   Internet Banking Service
 Or   Deposit through the branch
 Or Cash transfer through your account on QNB ATMs

- Availability to transfer up to 90% of your credit card limit to your accounts through internet banking *
* Cash withdrawal Fees & interest apply 

•    Card support at your service 24/7 by calling 19700

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