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Your bank is just a click away

Opening a bank account will never be easier, just a click and you will open your own bank account.

Digital Banking has completely changed the way we bank today.

Now you will perform any banking transactions easier, faster and in a convenient way.

  • Flexibility in monitoring your account
  • Banking wherever you are
  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • No more queues at the branch
  • E-savings account in EGP with special interest rate

Banking with us digitally

  • Internet banking Service
  • Mobile banking Service
  • Phone banking service
  • E-wallet service
  • m-Visa service

Exclusive Offers and discounts

  • Free incoming transfers for funds received on E-savings account
  • Free Gold Or Titanium Credit Card subject to utilization(optional)
  • Gold debit card with a higher cash withdrawal limit used locally & internationally
  • Exclusive discounts and offers at a wide range of merchants
  • Regular discounts & vouchers with selected merchants

Simpler process and superior services

  • Special treatment in call center through various communication channels (Mobile Banking app chatting, special Phone Banking service and dedicated email:
  • E-mail authorization service to send any request to the branch remotely by using your Email
  • E-mail notification service for any transfers

For youth clients (age 16 – 21), you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • EGP minor savings account to save for your future
  • YO! Debit card to shop freely inside Egypt or online and use the card for cash withdrawals from any Visa accepting ATM inside Egypt
  • Internet & Mobile banking services: to securely execute banking transactions and monitor your accounts wherever you are
  • E-wallet service: to pay your bills, transfer money to any wallet in Egypt, conduct various payment transactions from your mobile and enjoy a wide range of “Fawry” services
  • mVisa service: Enjoy cashless payment by scanning the QR code at merchants that have mVisa acceptance sign

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Ma’ak Online Visa Gold Debit card activation guide


Control your accounts remotely and enjoy a new banking experience using your smart devices



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