Belady TD

Even if you are living abroad you can still contribute in developing your country’s economic development, by investing your foreign currency savings in QNB ALAHLI Belady short term time deposit (TD).


• Available durations 3 and 5 years

• Offered to individual Egyptians residing abroad*

• Available in USD only

• Interest is paid on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual basis

• Ability to break the TD at any time after its issuance date according to the announced breaking schedule


• Egypts economy will benefit from your investment

• Fixed competitive interest rate throughout TD duration

• Choose Belady TD tenor according to your preference

• Track your TDs anytime by subscribing to any of QNB ALAHLI Electronic banking services

*Currently available under the scope of nonresident Egyptians (NRE), who reside in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman

Terms and conditions apply

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