Dear Applicant,

Welcome to the careers website of QNB ALAHLI

IF you want to bring in your talent, experience and professionalism to an organization that is highly dependent on the contribution and commitment of every individual within a leading team, and if you want to share our values and want to show your enthusiasm and use your talent in one of our teams.

Go-ahead, apply through any of the following channels:


Mail Address QNB ALAHLI – Human Resources
5 Champollion Street- Down Town
11111 Cairo
Tel.: (202) 27707777
Fax: (202) 27707799

Email Address : recruitment@QNB ALAHLI.com  

Your application will be handled with great consideration by the QNB ALAHLI Recruitment Department 

We would like to thank you for the confidence you have shown by applying at QNB ALAHLI.





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