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QNB ALAHLI is always keen to provide our clients with the financial tools needed to take informed decisions. We are presenting our business internet banking platform to improve efficiencies, save your time and efforts. The platform is built to allow you to manage your company bank accounts, transfers and transactions in the real-time, anytime, anywhere through

Here’s an overview of what the platform offers


  • Bilingual web-based portal that allows you full accessibility any time of the day

  • Real-time inquiry about your company bank accounts, Deposits, Loans, Credit cards, Trade Finance, Mutual Funds, CHKs paid and CHKs under collection
  • Transfers execution in Local and Foreign currency either inside or outside Egypt
  • Governmental dues payments such as taxes, customs, social insurance, and etc.
  • Bulk payments
  • Payroll payments
  • Credit cards settlements
  • Request issuance of Checkbook, bank drafts, creation of Deposits and Mutual funds (Themar /Tawazon/ Tadawol)
  • View, Generate and print transaction/ requests summary in various formats (Excel, PDF, Word, CSV.)
  • View, generate and print account statements in different format including MT940 – MT942
  • External account summary from other banks
  • Other services such as credit card deactivation, consolidated accounts statements
  • Charge Governmental payment account

For more details about the Corporate Internet Banking

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  • 24/7 availability of the service
  • Highest security standards allow for multiple security layers and the use of soft/hard token
  • Compatibility with PCs, Laptops and smart phones


Terms and conditions apply

For more information, please call 17004/16790 or visit nearest branch or email us on cashmanagement.service@qnbalahli.com

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