Cumulative CDs

Do you want to enjoy savings and receiving the CD principal amount along with the interest payment all at once? Now with QNB Cumulative CDs, you will see your money grow as one large bulk.

Cumulative CDs are medium/long term savings scheme, where you can deposit funds and receive the accumulated interest and the CD original amount at the CD maturity.


  • Enjoy a competitive interest rate
  • Obtain credit facilities against the CD
  • There are no limitations on the maximum amount of the CD and on the number of CDs that you can issue
  • CD amount can be refunded at any time after 6 months from issuance date according to the published breaking schedule
  • Issued in EGP only
  •  The interest is calculated from the next day of issuance date
  • The interest payment is at maturity for all the Cumulative CDs durations

General Conditions:

  • CDs are available in 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 years
  • Minimum age for CD issuance is 21 years
  • Client must have a valid current, checking or savings account at the bank
  • Minimum CD issuance is EGP1,000

Terms and conditions apply

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