Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

Cash Net

You can manage your company's financials online on spot through CashNet, which gives you a secure environment to conduct your daily financial transactions and review your company's accounts online

Trade Net

TradeNet is a web-based banking solution for clients applying frequently for Trade Finance Products (Import and Export) like documentary credits, collections and local bank guarantees. This service guarantees the acceleration and management of your trade activities in a professional and secure manner through the internet

Corporate Payment Service (CPS)

In Cooperation with the e-finnace company of the Ministry of Finance, you can pay the governmental payments (Taxes – Customs – Social Insurance) from your own premises 24/7

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Do you need an intelligent automatic tool to manage your company bulk credit and debit transactions and payables flow in EGP either in your bank or in other local banks? W offer you a secure fast tool to perform those direct transfers which is ""Corpay"" application that is connected to the ACH

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