Loyalty points program

Enjoy shopping and gain points

Enjoy shopping and gain points with QNB ALAHLI credit cards Loyalty points program

Since you are one of QNB ALAHLI credit cardholders, you will automatically be enrolled in the Loyalty Program without any fees or request. With every purchase transaction (local or international), your loyalty points balance will increase automatically. All you need to do, to redeem your points (cashback) on your card is to call QNBALAHLI call center on 19700 or through the internet banking service


Card Type

Loyalty Points earned for every EGP1 in

purchase transactions

MasterCard Standard or Visa Classic


Visa Gold


MasterCard Titanium


Visa Platinum


Visa Infinite


You can track your Loyalty Points balance through:

  • Calling QNBALAHLI contact center on 19700
  • Monthly credit card e- Statement
  • Internet banking service
  • Mobile Banking service
  • Visiting the Branch


  • Loyalty points expire after 24 months from their earning date
  • Minimum number of points to redeem is 10,000 points
  • Each 10,000 points are equal to EGP50




Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on Retail.apply@qnbalahli.com and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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