MasterCard Standard Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card that meets your modern lifestyle?

QNB MasterCard Standard Credit Card is your right start that’s designed for you to purchase whatever you want; control your expenses and be ready when you don’t have cash on hand


  •  Enjoy a grace period up to 57 days on purchase transactions
  •  EMV chip-enabled to provide you the maximum level of security
  •  A worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants
  • Ease of shopping with Contactless service
  • Enjoy secured online shopping with “Mastercard Secure code”
  •  Supplementary cards with controlled limits
  •  24/7 Call Center support
  •  Competitive interest rate 4.25%
  •  Freedom to settle outstanding balance from 5% to 100%
  •  Installment program: Install your purchases with our different installment programs
  •  Loyalty Program: Buy more …Get more points
  •  Exclusive discounts and offers at a wide range of merchants
  •  SMS notification Service after each purchase transaction
  •  Free E-statement service
  •  24/7 card fraud monitoring
  •  Flexibility for card settlement, you can settle your card through:

- Automatic direct debit from your account based on your previous minimum payment (from 5% to 100%)

- Phone Banking

- Internet Banking

- Through the branch

Insurance Service:

  • Enjoy Life Insurance on the outstanding balance.
  • Free Insurance coverage against breast cancer for primary female cardholders allowing female clients to receive a lump sum amount paid once upon submitting the list of required documents  

General Conditions & Requirements

  •  Minimum Age: 21 years for primary card, and 16 years for supplementary
  •  Employed: Through salary transfer
  •  Self- Employed clients
  • All depositors: collateral up to 80%
  •  Required Documents: Valid national ID, Utility bill, HR letter.

Availability to transfer up to 90% of your credit card limit to your accounts through internet banking *
* Cash withdrawal Fees & interest apply 


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