Merchant Package

QNB ALAHLI provides a specially designed banking package for merchants including essential products and services to help you manage your daily business transactions


Checking account

You can perform and follow up banking transactions easier and enjoy interest on your balances

Point of Sale (POS)

You can easily and quickly accept payments electronically from your clients with their debit/credit /prepaid cards via the newest portable POS terminals and the latest mini POS machines supported with the Contactless technology

Visa Business Platinum Debit Card

It is one of the most important means of payment, cash withdrawal and purchases around the world 24/7 without bearing the risk of carrying cash

Corporate Deposit Card

Allows you to deposit cash throughout QNB ALAHLI cash acceptances ATMs 24/7 widely spread all over Egypt including official holidays and vacations

Corporate Internet banking

Allow you to manage your company bank accounts, transfers and transactions in the real-time, anytime, anywhere


It enables you to accept payments from any e-wallet via the QR Code without cards and without POS machines


Terms and conditions apply

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