Mobile Banking Service

In control wherever you are

Stay in control of your banking activities, while keeping up with your busy schedule, with QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking Service. Now you can customize your lifestyle by choosing how and when you want to perform banking transactions through our Mobile Banking Service.

Main features:

Instant Accessibility: The application gives you instant accessibility to:
•    Check your accounts and Credit cards balances and transaction details
•    Check your Time Deposits, Certificates of Deposits, Investment Funds and loans details and balances
•    Find out QNB ALAHLI cards latest discounts and offers
•    Locate your nearest QNB ALAHLI ATMs and Branches First Lounges and Branches which serve clients with special needs-New
•    Find out more about the bank latest interest rates and exchange rates
•    Track your Transfers, see the last 6month history for all transferred transactions credited to beneficiaries
•    Track your requests

Control: The application gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts and cards:


•    Open new accounts 
•    Open and manage Time Deposits, Certificates of Deposits, Investment Fund - requires m-token
•    Pay Fawry Payments “Telecom mobile and landline bills, & Internet bills, Donations, Utilities like electricity, gas, water bills, Car Licensing, Insurance, school and university fees, clubs subscription, Tickets & Tourism, Online Payments, Subscriptions & Ads, Financial & Banks” – requires m-token
•      Open E-YOUMATY TAWFEER account for free
•     Transfer between your own account
•      Beneficiary management: create, edit, and delete beneficiaries (requires token)
•      Executing instant transfers between your accounts or to beneficiaries inside the bank Or using IPN transfer type for beneficiary in Egypt in EGP
•     Performing transfers to beneficiaries in other banks, nationally or worldwide (requires token device or m-token
•    Submit a cheque book request and identify the desired delivery branch
•    Settle your credit cards dues either partially or in full
•    Redeem credit card’s loyalty points to cashback or voucher
•    Instantly deactivate your debit and credit cards in case of loss or theft

Communicate: You can contact us around the clock to:

  •     Inquire about bank products/services and chat with our bank representatives through QNB ALAHLI WhatsApp   
  •     Apply for a banking product or service

  •    Submit a request or a complaint through the “contact us” option

  •     Request an appointment and you will be contacted by a bank representative

  •  Chat with our bank representative during “Chat” service working hours

  • Receive Notifications with latest offers & news and alerts from QNBALAHLI by clicking on “bell” icon  “”on top right of the application, you have the option to enable and disable the service at any time -  New

Safe and easy: This service allows you to:

•    Self-register your username and password directly from your Mobile banking app. using your primary debit card number and PIN
•    Process certain banking transactions safely by using the OTP issued from the '' m-token'' 
•    change your password from mobile anytime

You can download the Mobile Banking App for free on Smartphones and Tablets through IOS App Store or Google Play


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Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on Retail.apply@qnbalahli.com and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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