QNB is one of the leading financial institutions in Egypt established in April1978 and ranked as the second largest private bank in Egypt.

QNB provides its services for more than 1,752,585 clients served by  7,173 banking professionals with a network of 234 branches, along with 931 ATMs & 45,042 Point-of-Sale to serve clients nationwide. Further, a distinctive Call center operates round the clock 7 days a week.

The Bank established a number of subsidiaries in specialized fields such as QNB Leasing founded in 1997 as one of early entrants to the Egyptian leasing market. QNB Life Insurance established in 2003 to provide a diverse range of products to cater the clients’ needs for life insurance and saving. QNB Factoring founded in 2012 as financial institutions involved in all types of local and international factoring services.

QNB succeeded to maintain its status as a strong player in the Egyptian market and was admirably able to achieve a remarkable growth in loans & deposits portfolios, growth of market share, increase returns, and maintaining sound asset quality and cost ratios. This has come as a result of its strategy to remain a committed business partner to its clients during all times through balanced policies to navigate through the prevailing challenges, all of which heading to remain the customers’ first choice bank through excellent customer service.

QNB pays lots of attention to how it reaches out to its valued clients ensuring the ease and comfort with world-class professionalism, while the bank continues to selectively expand its always- expanding branch network.

QNB provides dedicated products in corporate banking, financial advisory, project financing, structured financing, trade financing, cash management, and foreign exchange with its competitive offerings, it has managed to establish a strong bond with its various corporate clientele whether large domestic corporations, subsidiaries of multinational companies, medium caps, as well as SMEs.

QNB has managed to capitalize on its leading position as a pioneer in developing and industrializing a world-class retail banking service, where QNB adopted a unique market segmentation approach to be able to structure products and solutions that meet the requirements of each segment.

QNB has capitalized on its trust in the power of SMEs to push growth and deliver sustained development, it fares well regardless of overall market conditions and perhaps just as importantly manages to support its SME customers through the peaks of the economic cycle.

QNB has become the vehicle of choice for multilateral financiers to distribute credit amongst small businesses & companies in addition to help shape and implement women in business programs.

It is worth mentioning that QNB won 58 awards throughout the past 4 years from 3 international financial institutions “Global Banking & Finance Review”, “International Finance Magazine” and “Capital Finance International Magazine, EMEA Finance and European Bank for reconstruction and development|(EBRD).

As part of QNB Corporate Social Responsibility, it has cooperated with a number of community organizations in various initiatives and projects aimed at supporting the neediest sectors in society,

With all the above, QNB strives to employ its quality and innovative resources to support the Egyptian Economy and help its development by always expanding the financial services coverage and financial inclusion.

About QNB 

In 2013 QNB Group acquired the majority stake of NSGB Bank that was founded in Egypt in 1978  and its name was changed to QNB and since then it has been expanding its activities to provide impeccable banking services to individuals and corporate clients.

In line with the privatization program that started in 2005, the bank acquired 90%of Misr International Bank stocks at EGP 2.5bn, to be ranked second biggest private bank in Egypt 2011.

The bank established a number of subsidiaries in many specialized fields, contributing to best positioning the bank in Egypt’s financial and banking activities.

QNB Leasing subsidiary established in 1997. It is first-of-a-kind and a leading finance lease entity in Egypt, with a book value of rented assets worth EGP 1.632bn.

QNB Life Insurance Company, established in 2003 to provide a diverse range of products to cater to the clients’ need for saving, under the umbrella of some ultimate programs (Al Rafiq graduation, Al Rafiq wedding, Al Rafiq Retirement, Al Rafiq projects & Al Nokhba Program).

QNB Factoring Company Established in 2012 is a financial institution involved in all types of local and international factoring services. Fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies and experts, providing swift commercial solutions to meet all needs of clients.

QNB enjoys a blend of local experience, based on years of confidence in the Egyptian market, and the international expertise of QNB Group, recently rated among the strongest banks worldwide. QNB Group possesses 94.967% stake in QNB .

QNB vision is based on building long-term ties with clients, providing them with a wide range of products and services, aiming to meet the evolving needs of individuals, corporate, and SMEs.

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