QR Code payment acceptance application is a simple, fast and secure way to accept payment using smart phone.


How it Works?

Your clients will use their smart wallets / Visa scan to pay application to pay easily by scan the Merchant QR code, enter the amount and pay Instantly and conveniently.

No cards, No terminals are needed



  • ACCEPTANCE (Accept payments from Millions of customer Wallets on  network issued by different banks and mobile operators and visa mobile payment within Egypt)
  • FACILITATION (By offering your clients diversified methods of payment)
  • COST Effective (Low implementation cost – much lower than POS)
  • SAFETY (Proceeds go directly to your bank account eliminating the risk of theft and fraud)
  • CONVENIENCE (QR Code can be displayed anywhere ex. On cashier counter, Display screens, Website, Flyers, with delivery staff)
  • FAST (Transaction is made in real time with notifications to both you and your clients)


In Addition, you can easily:

View the transaction receipt, perform refund and send receipt to customer

Send a payment request to customer’s wallet (Request to pay)

Check number and volume of transactions


Important notice


  • All the Electronic wallets are accepted on the PAYnGO payment service

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