Salary Advance

You are always prepared

You have a special occasion this month and you need extra money?

Your Salary is delayed and you are in need of money?

Your car broke down and you don’t have enough cash?

QNB ALAHLI will satisfy your short term financial needs through the Salary Advance Service with the fastest and easiest process.


  •  Get a Salary Advance limit up to 50% of your net salary in advance
  •  You can withdraw from your Salary Advance limit through ATM machine or from any branch
  •  Automatic settlement of the overdrawn amount from your next monthly transfer of salary credited in current account


  •  The limit is valid for one year and renewable
  •  Service is in EGP only
  •  Minimum net income for Salary Advance is EGP1,500


  •  This service is specially tailored for QNB ALAHLI payroll clients
  •  Available for Egyptians and Non-Egyptians residing in Egypt
  •  Minimum age eligibility is 21 years and maximum is 60 years upon its expiry

Terms and conditions apply

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For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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