Salary Continuity Program

Salary Continuity Program

Do you want a fixed income for your family in spite of life challenges?

As the majority of Egyptian families depend on the salary as a basic source for income, stability and safety for all family members.

QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance presents salary continuity



The “salary continuity program” is the first program of its kind in the Egyptian market to provide the insured with a tailor-made offer that lets him pay a minimal sum of money and in return his family members receive insurance coverage in the form of determined regular monthly fixed income for a specified number of months in case of death or total permanent disability (God forbids).


Program Features:


• Coverage includes death and total permanent disability.

• Get insurance coverage for your family members in the form of a fixed monthly income.

• Maximum coverage age is 60 years old.

• Available to First , Tamayoz, Banky subscribers.

• Available to employed or self-employed clients.

• The program provides to the insured the possibility of having more than one beneficiary at the same time.

This product is provided by QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance Company, which is responsible for fulfilling the insurance compensation, if any, by applying the Terms & Conditions in the contract contained in the insurance issued by QNB ALAHLI Life Insurance Co.

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