Services for clients with special needs

Together we make the difference

QNBALAHLI is always keen to provide the best banking services to all its clients with their different needs, therefore several branches have been designed and equipped to serve our clients with special needs and providing them with an easy banking experience through the following services:

  • Simplifying and facilitating account opening procedures
  • Priority in branches queuing system
  • Certified sign language employees in all branches.
  • Enjoy a safe banking experience from the comfort of your home or anywhere else through our wide range of Electronic Banking Services with the availability of using the screen reader feature on smart phones

          - Internet Banking service

          - Mobile Banking service

          - QNB ALAHLI E-Wallet service

  • Communicating with the bank through different channels such as “Chat Service” that’s available on QNB ALAHLI Mobile Banking Service or QNB ALAHLI WhatsApp Service or through sending an email to the bank
  • Saving through a variety of Saving products offering a competitive return.
  • Personal loans with the simplified procedures.
  • Issuance of QNB ALAHLI credit and direct debit cards with embossed letters and numbers.
  • Selected branches have been equipped with access ramps to facilitate the entry and exit to the branch and accessibility to the ATM

To find out branches with Ramps:    press here

  • Several ATMs have been equipped with Braille Keypads and special audio kits

To find out ATMs Locations:  press here


  • Using signs to highlight the branches as well as the ATMs that are equipped and ready for our special needs clients, in addition to availing the information related to these branches and ATMs on the bank’s digital channels and to be easily accessible.

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