Tamayoz Plus Offer

Multi Banking Service For You

QNB ALAHLI Tamayoz Plus offer provides you with a variety of highly selected benefits that are wisely chosen to facilitate your daily banking needs. Being recognized as Tamayoz Plus client, you will be rewarded with the privileges and services you deserve.


1- Dedicated Tamayoz Plus Relationship Manager

2- Accounts:

• EGP Checking account with preferential daily interest rate

• EGP Tawfeer Plus Monthly Savings account with free insurance coverage

3- Electronic Banking Services:

  •  Internet Banking service
  •  Mobile Banking service
  •  Phone Banking service
  •  QNB ALAHLI E-Wallet service
  •  QNB ALAHLI mVisa service
  •  Dealing with the bank remotely through e-mail

4- Services:

  •  Priority in processing the requests of Tamayoz Plus clients
  •  Special Tamayoz Plus queue at the branch
  •  Safe boxes rental priority
  •  25% discount on Tamayoz Plus chequebooks regardless of its number
  •  Free EGP sight cheques collection inside the clearinghouse*
  •  Free EGP postdated cheques collection admin fees inside the clearinghouse*
  •  Automatic transfers service (Basic TransClick)

5. Payment cards:

  •  Mastercard Titanium Debit Card
  •  25% discount on MasterCard Titanium credit card

6. Facilities:

  •  Special admin fees and interest rates on selected loans
  •  Special credit card limit against salary
  •  Special Salary advance limit
  •  Free Mortgage Finance Program “Aqarat” application
  •  Special Tamayoz Plus unsecured credit facilities

7. Eligibility to subscribe in the Salary/ Income Continuity Program

8. Privileged Time Deposits rates based on the amount of the deposit and its duration

Eligibility Criteria:

Maintain a minimum balance of EGP150,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies or have an average monthly credit movement/salary of EGP30,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies.

* For personal use only and not for business use

Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on Retail.apply@qnbalahli.com and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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