Tawfeer Plus Savings Account in EGP

Your ultimate way to save

Do you want to earn an increasing interest on your savings? With QNB ALAHLI Tawfeer Plus tiered Savings Account in EGP 

The more you save in your account, the higher interest you gain.


  • You have the opportunity to add fresh funds to the existing balance to move to higher tiers and enjoy higher interest 
  • Earn interest on your savings that exceed the minimum opening balance
  • Account statements are sent on monthly, quarterly according to your preference
  • Benefit from a group of selected products and services linked to this account
  • Interest is credited to the account on monthly basis
  • You may operate on this account by using QNB ALAHLI Visa debit cards 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • You can access and manage your account by using any of the electronic banking services

General Conditions:

  • Minimum age for account opening is 21 years
  • A copy of ID or passport is required
  • Minimum opening balance and minimum amount to enjoy interest is EGP1,000
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum balance during the month

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