QNB ALAHLI Money Market Fund “Themar” 

Objective of the fund:

The fund aims to achieve daily cumulative return through investing in short-term, liquid & low-risk investment vehicles

Advantages of the fund :

  • Effective Cash Management tool
  • Possibility to grant credit facilities against the fund Investment Certificates (ICs)
  • Quick and simple process for daily purchase according to the available balance and redemption till 12:00 pm free of any fees or charges 
  • Returns of the fund are Tax exempted
  • Minimum purchase is 100 Investment Certificate(IC) only for the first purchase with no maximum
  • Investing in QNB ALAHLI fund is available for Egyptians and non-Egyptians as well as individuals and institutions through our wide network of branches  

Themar Price: 602.356 EGP 

Themar Prospectus

EFSA License no. ( 367 ) dated 30/8 /2006

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