Visa Business Platinum Debit Card

Visa Platinum Business Debit Card is considered one of the most important means of payment, providing platinum services and offers for their cardholders

Also considered an easy way of payment, allows you to manage and track your company expenses, cash withdrawal and ease of purchases around the World 24/7




  •  The card is used for purchases, cash withdrawals, and online transactions domestically, and internationally
  •  Amount withdrawn is directly debited from your company account with no interest charged in addition to linking up to three additional secondary accounts to the primary account on the card 
  • The possibility of paying for your purchases online and at merchants’ POS whether for shopping, hotel reservation, bill payments or more as long as you have available balance in the card without the need of carrying cash
  •  Ease of shopping using the contactless feature
  •  The possibility to withdraw cash directly from the account, balance inquiry accessibility in addition to getting a mini statement through ATM machines bearing VISA logo inside and outside Egypt 24\7 with no need to visit the branch in addition to getting a mini statement through the ATM machines




  •     Medical and legal referrals* 
  •     Visa Business special offers & discounts*
  •     Global cardholder assistance services*
  •     Jumeirah hotels stay and dinning offers* 
  •     Booking.com offers* 
  •     Monitoring the employees spending through a consolidated monthly statement
  •     SMS notification service after transactions
  •     Receiving the detailed monthly statement via email
  •     EMV chip-enabled to provide the maximum level of security
  •     24/7 Call center support 17004

*Services offered by visa & subject to change & fees

Terms & conditions apply

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