Visa Infinite Debit card

Enjoy Extraordinary selection of distinctive travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle experience opportunities

QNB ALAHLI Visa Infinite Debit card is the ultimate card in spending power, convenience, personal privileges and unparalleled worldwide services as it provides you with friction-less access to the finest things in life, no matter when and where.

It offers an extraordinary selection of distinctive travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle opportunities, and complimentary access to +1000 airport lounges all over the world; and a concierge service that exists to satisfy your every wish; along with the Infinite Protection coverage and emergency assistance services.


By using one of the best card products worldwide you will get the prestige and recognition you deserve both locally and internationally

  •  Availability the strongest purchasing power in the market.
  •  Visa Concierge Service “*”
  •  Airport Lounges Access in over +1000 airport lounges around the world “*”
  •  Emergency assistance “*”
  •  Purchase protection service “*”
  •  Extended warranty service “*”
  •  Emergency cash service “*”
  •  Medical, legal, Interpreter referral “*”
  •  EMV chip-enabled to provide you the maximum level of security.
  •  Access your funds 24 /7 locally and internationally.
  •  Use ATMs locally for Cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, account transfer, mini statement, as well as PIN change using QNB ALAHLI ATMs.
  •  You can link up to three additional accounts to the primary account of the card (current, checking, savings).
  •  Unlike cash, a QNB ALAHLI Visa Infinite Debit card can be replaced if lost.
  •  Amount withdrawn or used for purchases is directly debited from your account with no interest charged.
  •  Acceptance in all major outlets locally and internationally.
  •  Supplementary cards with controlled limits.
  •  24/7 Call Center support.
  •  24/7 card fraud monitoring.
  •  Enjoy secured online shopping.
  •  Exclusive discounts and offers at a wide range of merchants.
  •  Free SMS transaction notification Service.
  • Services provided by Visa, subject to fees. 

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