Youmaty Tawfeer in EGP

You save, we insure

Are you looking to gain a special daily interest as well as enjoy free life insurance coverage? With Youmaty Tawfeer from QNB ALAHLI, our Daily Savings account in EGP, you can benefit from a tiered daily savings account with 5 increasing competitive interest rates.


  • Enjoy a safe saving experience with free life insurance coverage
  • You have the opportunity to add fresh funds to the existing balance to move to higher tiers and enjoy higher interest and insurance coverage limit
  • Earn interest on your savings that exceed the minimum opening balance
  • Allow you to receive a competitive interest even with frequent transactions on the account
  • Access the account 24/7 using QNB ALAHLI Visa debit cards
  • You can access and manage your account by using any of the electronic banking services
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance that exceeds the minimum opening balance and is credited each month

General Conditions:

  • Minimum Age for account opening is 21 years
  • Minimum opening balance and to enjoy interest is EGP50,000
  • Free life insurance coverage starting from EGP100,000

Insurance coverage schedule:



Maximum Insurance
Coverage Limit

Insurance Coverage

EGP50,000 – EGP99,999


No insurance coverage

EGP100,000 –EGP499,999


Life Insurance

EGP500,000 – EGP999,999


Life Insurance

EGP1,000,000– EGP4,999,999


Life Insurance



Life Insurance



Terms and conditions apply

To apply, e-mail us on and a bank representative will contact you shortly

For more information, please call 19700 or visit nearest branch

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