Preferential Pricing

Attractive rates

Fast and hassle free loan approval and competitive interest rates on personal loans, vehicle loans and mortgage loans, along with preferential pricings on banking benefits, such as acccounts, deposits remittances, and others.

Higher Life Rewards Points

The fastest way to earn Life Rewards points is to use your QNB First Life Rewards credit card for all your purchases. Every time and everywhere you pay your purchases with your credit card, you receive 1 Life Rewards point for every QAR 5 spent. You have the opportunity to redeem Life Rewards points in numerous ways at your convenience: you can use it to pay your purchases at our participating partner outlets or you can choose to redeem the points for utility bills payment, cash back on your credit card, top up your prepaid balance, or transfer it to other loyalty programs. 

For the latest detailed information about Life Rewards program including the participating partners and full range points redemption options, please click here

 or call our QNB First Members Care Center at +974 4440 7788.



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