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In compliance with the European Union PSD2 legislation (Payment Services Directive Two) designed to force providers of payment services to improve customer authentication processes, QNB France has enhanced its e-proposition to provide its customers with a new and secure way while using its internet and mobile banking services.

What is PSD2:

PSD1 created the single payments market in 2007. Quickly, new players (initiators and aggregators), and new technologies appeared, requiring updating, PSD2 was adopted in 2015.

PSD2 adapts the payments market to new developments and strengthens security by imposing new rules such as strong customer authentication.

Since September 14, 2019, as part of PSD2, new rules related to strong customer authentication and common and secure open communication standards have been gradually implemented.

How to activate this new enhancement:

Customer must ensure implementing the below steps to activate this new enhancement:

  • Download “QNB Mobile application” on her/his Smartphone or Tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play Store or Play Store
  • Register her/his device(s) – up to 3 devices can be registered for one user
  • Enable push notifications on QNB Mobile Banking on the preferred device of her/his choice
  • Going forward, the customer will start receiving One Time Passwords (OTPs) via “Push messaging service” on her/his preferred device, through your QNB Mobile App, and not through SMS as previously implemented

The customer can change his preferred device at any time by unregistering an existing device and re-registering a new device.

What is a strong authentication?

Authentication is considered strong when it combines two of the following three elements:

  • An item that only you know (a password, a secret code, etc.)
  • An item that only you have (your mobile phone via your bank's application, a bankcard, etc.)
  • A biometric characteristic (your fingerprint, voice recognition, etc.)

Strong authentication applies in three cases:

  • Access to the customer area;
  • Online payment;
  • Any online action involving a risk of fraud (such as a change of address)

Customers who encounter issues or have further inquiries can contact us toll free on 0800945944 (in France) or (+33) 1 8564 6800 (outside France) .

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