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IQCD - Broad-Based 1Q2024 Beat; Remain Accumulate With QR14 Price Target-01-05-2024
IQCD Alert - 2Q2023 Miss On Soft Urea Vol./Margin; Positive 2H Drives Accumulate Rating
IQCD - Risk-Reward Positive Despite Earnings Drop Moving to Accumulate
IQCD Alert – Soft Fertilizer Margin Drives Weak 1Q2023 Results Stay Outperform-08-05-2023
2022 A Tough Act To Follow; We Stay Bullish LT Despite YoY EPS Drop-18-04-2023
IQCD Alert – Fertilizer Margins Drive 4Q2022 Beat; In-Line QR1.1 DPS (DY 7.8%) Stay Bullish Despite 2023 EPS Fall-12-02-2023
IQCD Alert – Weak 3Q2022 On Lower Prices and Higher Costs Esp. In Fertilizers_Outperform_6 percent 2022 Dividend Yield-27-10-2022
IQCD Alert - Awards EPC Contract For World’s Largest Blue Ammonia Train (Ammonia-7); Outperform-01-09-2022
IQCD Alert - In-line 2Q2022 Results; Stay Outperform With QR21 Price Target-08-08-2022
IQCD Alert - Strong 1Q2022 Results Reinforce Our Bullish View; Raising PT to QR21 & Staying Outperform-26-04-2022
IQCD Alert Strong 4Q2021 and FY2021 In-Line QR1 DPS; QAFCO 7 Could Aid Growth; Raising PT to QR19-09-02-2022
IQCD Alert - Significant Pricing Growth Support Strong 3Q2021 Results; Outperform-26-10-2021
IQCD - Juicy Dividend to Hike Returns; Upgrading to Outperform-13-09-2021.pdf
IQCD Alert - Solid 2Q2021 Beat on Petchems & Fertilizer Outperformance; Accumulate-08-08-2021
IQCD Alert - Petrochemicals Outperformance Drives 1Q2021 Earnings Beat; Accumulate-27-04-2021
IQCD - Riding the Recovery Wave; Hiking TP & Staying Accumulate-26-04-2021
IQCD Alert - In-Line DPS and 4Q2020 Earnings Excl. One-Offs; Accumulate-10-02-2021
IQCD Alert - 3Q2020 Adjusted Earnings Exceed Estimate; Stay Accumulate with QR11.5 PT-28-10-2020
IQCD Alert - Business Update Webinar Highlights Value of QAFCO Deal & Implies Dividend Stability; Accumulate-06-09-2020
IQCD Alert - IQCD Buys 25% of QAFCO from QP; Upgrading Rating to Accumulate with QR11.50 PT-24-08-2020
IQCD Alert - 2Q2020 Earnings Grow QoQ & Exceed Estimates Ex. Items; Market Perform-28-07-2020
IQCD Alert - Weak 1Q2020 Earnings and Outlook Remains Challenging Market Perform-22-04-2020
IQCD Alert - QP Buys Yara’s 25% Stake in QAFCO for $1bn; Initial Take - No Financial Impact on IQCD-08-03-2020
IQCD Alert - 4Q19 Miss Driven by Steel and Petchems; DPS of QR0.40 In-Line; Market Perform-12-02-2020
IQCD - Paring Estimates on Subdued Outlook; Stay Market Perform-03-11-2019
IQCD Alert - A Significant Miss in 3Q2019 Driven by Petchems & Steel; Stay Market Perform-27-10-2019
IQCD Alert - A Better-Than-Expected 2Q2019 but Headwinds Remain; Stay Market Perform-04-08-2019
IQCD Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split-26-06-2019
IQCD - Paring Forecasts and PT Given Weak 1Q19 and Prices; Market Perform-28-05-2019
IQCD Alert-A Large Miss in 1Q2019; Earnings Revision Likely; Maintain Market Perform-23-04-2019
IQCD - Shifting to a More Conservative Stance Post a Stellar 2018-05-03-2019
IQCD Alert-Modest 4Q2018 Miss; DPS of QR6 Below Expectations; Maintain Market Perform-13-02-2019
IQCD - 4Q2018 Preview - Urea Drives A Strong Finish to 2018; Market Perform-04-02-2019
IQCD-Keeping 2018 Estimates but Steel Costs Pressure Beyond; Market Pe....-12-11-2018
IQCD Alert-In-Line 3Q2018; Maintain Market Perform-25-10-2018
IQCD - Increasing Estimates and Target Price Maintain MP Rating-10-10-2018
IQCD Alert-Strong but In-Line 2Q2018 Maintain Market Perform-09-08-2018
IQCD - Steel Segment Strength Boosts 1Q2018 MSCI and FTSE in Focus-30-04-2018
IQCD - Updating Model for 2017 Results Maintain Market Perform-14-02-2018
IQCD Alert – 3Q2017 Net Income In-Line Stay Market Perform-25-10-2017
IQCD - 3Q2017 Preview; Expect Flattish 3Q Driven by Urea&PE; Steel Swing Factor-02-10-2017
IQCD - In-Line 1Q2017 Limited Potential for Upside Market Perform-26-04-2017
IQCD - 2017 Outlook Remains Subdued; Maintain Market Perform -13-08-2017
IQCD - Weak 4Q2016 Despite One-Offs; Growth Resumes in 2017-20-02-2017
QNBFS - Adjusting Model and Revising PT; Maintaining Market Perform-26-01-2017
IQCD - Weak Commodity Fundamentals Weigh; Stay Market Perform-05-05-2016
IQCD - Soft 4Q2015; Revising Price Target to QR104-08-02-2016
IQCD - Adjusting Model and Revising PT; Accumulate-11-01-2016
IQCD - Decent Beat in 2Q2015; Maintain Market Perform on Tepid Oil Price Outlook-04-08-2015
IQCD - Updating Model Post 1Q2015; Retain Market Perform Rating-29-04-2015
IQCD - Lowering Target & Estimates; Switching to Market Perform-08-04-2015
IQCD – Lowering Target and Estimates; Maintain Market Perform-08-01-2015
IQCD - Shutdowns Crimp 1Q; Lower PT but Stay Market Perform-29-04-2014
IQCD - Weak 4Q2012 Given Fertilizer Shutdowns-04-03-2013
IQCD - Solid 2Q2012 Results; Maintain Outperform-09-08-2012
4Q2011 Trading Statement Outlines Growth Roadmap-16-02-2012
QNBFS Energy Related Sector Initiation-29-12-2011

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