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GISS Alert - Al Koot to Potentially Merge with DOHI Creating the #1 Local Insurance Player; Accumulate-21-08-2022
GISS Alert - 2Q2022 Earnings Beats On Insurance and Aviation Upside; Maintain Accumulate-14-08-2022
GISS Alert - Amwaj to Potentially Merge with its Competitor Shaqab, a Leading Private Player; Accumulate-07-06-2022
GISS Alert - 1Q2022 Earnings Accelerate as Drilling Leads Recovery; Maintain Accumulate-28-04-2022
GISS Alert - Higher Accruals, Especially in Drilling Impact 4Q2021 But Operating Results Improve-20-02-2022
GISS Alert - Drilling Margins Upside Aid 3Q2021 Earnings Beat; Reiterate Accumulate & QR2.100 PT-31-10-2021
GISS - Profitability to Resurface in 2H2021; Raising Price Target and Maintaining Accumulate-28-10-2021
GISS Alert - Aviation & Drilling Drive 2Q2021 Upside; NFE & Rig Rate Hike to Boost Growth; Accumulate-08-08-2021
GISS Alert - 1Q2021 Loss Narrows Due to Continued Costs Optimization; Accumulate-02-05-2021
GISS Alert - Impairment Losses Wash Out Operational Performance; Accumulate-21-02-2021
GISS - Macro Headwinds Push-Out Growth Story; Moving to Accumulate
GISS Alert - Positive 2Q EPS Trajectory Despite Pandemic & Oil Crimping Revenue; Outperform-13-08-2020
GISS - NFE Drilling to Fuel Growth Spark; Reiterate Outperform with QR2.1 PT-02-07-2020
GISS Alert - 1Q2020 Highlights Positive Momentum; Outperform-30-04-2020
GISS Alert - No Surprises in 4Q2019; Drilling Catalyst to Boost Stock in 2020; Outperform-20-02-2020
GISS Alert - GISS provides further details of North Field Expansion project and its new JV; reiterate Outperform-18-08-2019
GISS Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split-27-06-2019
GISS Alert – Wins Qatar Airways Health Insurance Contract; Outperform-22-05-2019
GISS-Major Drilling Contract Win; Upgrade to Outperform with QR21 PT-02-05-2019
GISS Alert-QP Awards Major North Field Expansion Contract; Upgrade to Outperform and Raise Price Target to QR21-02-05-2019
GISS-A Decent 1Q2019 Beat; Maintain Estimates and Reiterate Accumulate-30-04-2019
GISS Alert-Signs a Contract With North Oil Company; Maintain Accumulate-21-04-2019
GISS - Upgrading to Accumulate With a Price Target of QR17-24-03-2019
GISS-4Q2018 Preview - Impairments Could Bite; Market Perform-06-02-2019
GISS Alert – Regains QP and Qatargas Medical Health Insurance Contract-12-12-2018
GISS-LT Growth Story Remains Buoyant; Moving to Market Perform-26-11-2018
GISS Alert–3Q2018 Profit Misses; Stock Up 18% Since Upgrade and Has Reached PT of QR20-29-10-2018
GISS - Drilling Operations Improving Upgrading to Accumulate-18-09-2018
QNBFS Alert – GISS 3Q2017 Operating Results InLine Net Income Miss Due to Other Items Market Perform-29-10-2017
GISS - Weak Fundamentals Weigh Downgrading to Market Perform-02-05-2017
QNBFS Alert – Weak 2Q17 Net Masks Drilling Segment Improvement; QR28 Pri-01-08-2017
GISS – Revising TP; Potential Rig Deployments Could Drive Upside-29-01-2017
GISS - Updating Model to Reflect Rig Deployments; Outperform-16-02-2017
QNBFS Alert – GISS Weak 4Q16 Exacerbated by Rig WO; Fleet Being Fully Dep-07-02-2017
GISS - In-Line 1Q2016 Results; Maintain Estimates and TP-28-04-2016
GISS - Lowering Estimates and Price Target-12-04-2016
GISS - Lowering Estimates and TP; Upside Possible on Rig Deployments-22-08-2016
QNBFS Alert – Drilling Drives GISS’ Weak 4Q2015-03-02-2016
QNBFS Alert – GISS Issues Statement Addressing Cost Optimization at GDIRig Rate Cuts-30-11-2015
GISS - Revising Estimates and Price Target-19-11-2015
GISS - Rig Rate Revision Announcement Incrementally Positive; Accumulate With QR93 PT-03-06-2015
QNBFS Alert – GISS Announcement Incrementally Positive; Accumulate with QR93 Price Target-03-06-2015
GISS – Updating Model and Maintaining Outperform-26-03-2015
QNBFS Alert – GISS Posts Robust Results in FY2014; Driven by GDI-03-02-2015
QNBFS Alert – GISS Announces Significant Upside for 2014 DPS; Reiterate Outperform-07-01-2015
GISS - Growth Story Remains Intact; Reiterate Outperform-06-01-2015
QNBFS Alert – GISS Posts In-Line 3Q2014 Results; Upgrading to Outperform-21-10-2014
GISS - Revising Estimates and Upping Price Target to QR136-21-07-2014
GISS - GISS Announces QR1.6bn Onshore Contract Extension-10-07-2014
GISS - Attractive Drilling Contracts Prompt Estimates Revision-08-07-2014
GISS - Initiating Coverage with an Accumulate-24-04-2014

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IGRD - 1Q2024 Earnings Beat on Lower Eliminations & Stronger Margins; Stay Accumulate-30-04-2024
IGRD - 4Q2023 Miss on Lower Revenue; Margins Moderate Sooner Than Modeled; Stay Accumulate-22-02-2024
Estithmar Holding (IGRD) - QR3.4bn Sukuk Announcement Net-Positive but Not in Our Base Model Yet; Stay Accumulate-21-02-2024
IGRD - 3Q2023 Beat On Higher Services Margins Healthcare Turns Profit; Upgrade To Accumulate -- 31-10-2023
IGRD - 2Q2023 Beat Due to Atypically High Services’ Margin; Maintain Market Perform-06-08-2023
IGRD - Activity Slows More-Than-Expected; Moving To Market Perform From Accumulate - 12-06-2023
IGRD Alert – 1Q2023 Miss As Post World-Cup Activity Slows; Moving to Accumulate from Outperform-07-05-2023
IGRD Alert – World Cup-Related Activities Boosts 4Q/FY2022 Revenue; Stay Outperform-21-03-2023
IGRD - Volatile Market Conditions Weigh Down Valuation; Lower Target Price But Remain Outperform-20-12-2022
IGRD Alert – Additional Capital Raise Commentary; Maintain Outperform But More Details Awaited-09-11-2022
IGRD Alert – World Cup-Related Activities Boost 3Q2022 Revenue But Margins Down Slightly; Outperform-30-10-2022
IGRD - Attractive Growth Levers But Higher Working Capital Needs; Maintain Outperform-04-09-2022
IGRD Alert Revenue In-line Margins Weighed By Sales Mix; Stay Outperform With QR2.900 Price Target-16-08-2022
Estithmar Holding (IGRD) - An Emerging Powerhouse; Initiating Coverage With An Outperform-10-08-2022
IGRD Alert 2Q2021 Miss Due to Higher than-Expected GA; Maintaining TP Accumulate-11-08-2021
IGRD Alert - In line 1Q2021 Results; Maintaining Target Price Accumulate Rating-26-04-2021
IGRD Alert - Prospective Elegancia Acquisition Could be a Substantial Growth Driver; Accumulate-08-04-2021
IGRD Alert - Margins and SG&A Impacts 4Q2020 Bottom-Line-16-03-2021
IGRD Alert - Better Than Expected 3Q Due to Higher Other Income; Maintaining TP, Accumulate-28-10-2020
IGRD- Benefitting From Lower Interest Rates; Increasing TP Changing Our Rating to Accumulate-17-09-2020
IGRD Alert - 2Q2020 Miss due to Higher than Expected GA Maintain TP Outperform-11-08-2020
IGRD- Delays Crimp 1Q2020 Results But Investment Thesis Remains Intact; Outperform-07-05-2020
IGRD- 4Q2019 Net Earnings are Slightly Better but No Dividends; Revised TP Outperform-01-04-2020
IGRD Alert - 4Q2019 Net Earnings are Slightly Better But No Dividends Outperform-30-03-2020
IGRD- 3Q2019 Revising Our Estimates Due to Order Push Outs; Maintain Outperform-06-11-2019
IGRD Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split-24-06-2019
IGRD Alert-IGRD signs contracts worth over QR265mn-01-05-2019
IGRD-In-Line 1Q2019 Results With a Slight EPS Beat; Outperform-30-04-2019
IGRD-1Q19 Results to be on Track With Our 2019 Forecasts; Outperform-25-04-2019
IGRD-Turnaround Story with Attractive Valuation; Initiating Coverage with Outperform Rating-11-04-2019

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