QNBFS Trading System

QNBFS Established in the last quarter of 2010 as part of the QNB Group being the first independently regulated, licensed brokerage company launched by a bank in Qatar. QNBFS is a fully owned subsidiary company of QNB Group. It offers a range of financial services to foreign institutional investors, mutual funds, domestic institutional investors, high net- worth individuals, retail and corporate clients. The company launched its brokerage activities in May 2011 providing both individual and institutional clients access to stocks listed on Qatar Stock Exchange. It also provides access to stock trading on Regional, European and U.S. markets. Moreover, QNBFS offers world-class research and analysis enabling customers to make sound investment decisions.


QNBFS Online Brokerage System

Our state-of-the-art online brokerage system offers tools and applications designed to deliver a superior trading experience to our clients.

Our universally shared platforms add value at every point in the trading cycle, order entry and performance reporting. Systems are highly integrated across markets and are supported by a dedicated brokerage technology team.


Our electronic trading platforms offer:

Web Based Trading

  • Transferring funds between QNB accounts and investment accounts

  • Real-time quotes and news feeds 


An Advanced Trading Application:

  • Real-time bid & ask prices

  • Customizable screens

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