Banking Sector

Doha Bank (DHBK)

DHBK - 1Q2024 Falls Short of Estimates on NIM Compression Maintain Market Perform-22-04-2024
DHBK – Long Road to Recovery Moving to Market Perform-15-11-2023
DHBK Alert - 2Q2023 Falls Short of Estimates NIMs Compression and Provisions and Impairments Dent Earnings-27-07-2023
DHBK – RoE Below CoE Remains an Overhang on the Stock Stay Accumulate-31-05-2023
DHBK Alert - 1Q2023 Falls Short of Estimates on NIMs Compression
DHBK–Trading at 53 percent Discount to BV But Double Digit RoE is a Challenge Accumulate-13-02-2023
DHBK Alert – 4Q2022 Loss on NIM Compression and Large Provisions DPS Flat-07-02-2023
DHBK Alert – 3Q2022 In-Line With Estimates_Revenue Subdued As Loan Book Declines-25-10-2022
DHBK – Asset Quality Remains a Headwind_Stock is Trading at 33 percent Discount to BV-27-09-2022
DHBK Alert - 2Q2022 Falls Short of Estimates on Muted Revenue-28-07-2022
DHBK Alert - 1Q2022 In-Line Earnings; Bottom-Line Driven By Drop in CoR; Stay Accumulate-28-04-2022.pdf
DHBK Alert - 4Q2021 Loss Due to Large Provisions; Revenue In-Line; Flat DPS-10-02-2022
DHBK Alert - 3Q2021 In-Line; Core Banking Income Improved; Maintain Accumulate-27-10-2021
DHBK - Upgrading to Accumulate & Raising Target Price on Better RoE Visibility-05-08-2021
DHBK Alert - 2Q2021 Falls Short of Estimates on Elevated CoR; Revenue & Operating Income In-Line-28-07-2021
DHBK Alert - 1Q2021 Bests Estimates; Maintain Market Perform-29-04-2021
DHBK Alert - 4Q2020 Net Loss; Announces DPS QR0.075-10-02-2021
DHBK Alert - 3Q2020 Margin Expansion Offset by Elevated Provisions-28-10-2020
DHBK - Adjusting Estimates Lowering Target Price on Negative EVA-09-09-2020
DHBK Alert 2Q2020 Falls Short of Estimates; Impairments Weak Non-Funded Income Impacted the Bottom-Line-28-07-2020
DHBK - Lowering Target Price on Subdued RoE Outlook-21-05-2020
DHBK - Upgrading to Accumulate on Valuation-03-03-2020
DHBK - Record High Provisions Lead to a Weak 2019; DPS Eliminated; MP For Now-19-02-2020
DHBK - De-Risking Continues; EPS Growth via Investment Income Not Sustainable-28-10-2019
DHBK - CoR to Remain Elevated 2019 & 2020; RoE to Pick up Post 2020-05-08-2019
DHBK Alert - 2Q2019 YoY Driven by Drop in Provisions & Impairments; Revenue Remains Soft on NIM Compression-25-07-2019
DHBK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Balance Sheet-16-06-2019
DHBK-1Q2019 Results Weaker Than Expected; CoR Remains Elevated-02-05-2019
DHBK-2019 CoR & Bottom-line Expected to be In-Line with 2018-06-02-2019
DHBK Alert - Operating Results In-Line Despite EPS Miss on Provisions; DPS Cut Shores Up CET1 Ratio-28-01-2019
DHBK - Weak 3Q2018 as Expected; Operating Income In-Line-18-10-2018
DHBK - Factoring in 2Q2018, Lowering Estimates & PT to QR28-04-09-2018
DHBK - 1Q2018 Bottom Line Growth Driven by Lower Provisions Impairments-23-04-2018
DHBK - Maintain Market Perform and PT QR31.00-29-01-2018
DHBK Alert - 4Q2017 InLine With Historical Trends DPS Uped to QR3.00-24-01-2018
DHBK Alert - 3Q2017 Operating Income InLine Bottom Line Beats on Lower Provisions Impairments-24-10-2017
DHBK - Slight Adjustments in Estimates Post 2Q2017 Results; Stock Trading at Fair Value 24 07 2017
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 2Q2017 Earnings In-Line; Profitability Drops on Higher Provisions & Impairments -20-07-2017
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 1Q2017 Profitability Beats Estimates Due to a Significant Drop in Prov. 20 04 2017
DHBK - Revising Price Target Due to Capital Increase 16 03 2017
DHBK - FY2016 Earnings Drop on Higher Than Expected Provisions; Lowering TP 24 01 2017
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 4Q2016 Falls short of Estimates On the Back of Excess Provisions 23 01 2017
DHBK - Revising Estimates to Account for Higher Provisions 23 10 2016
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 3Q2016 Profitability Drops Due to a Spike in Provisions & Weak Net Interest Income 20 10 2016
DHBK - Revising Estimates to Account for Higher Provisions; Lowering PT - 27-07-2016
DHBK - Earnings Misses Estimates on Higher Provisions & Impairments 19 04 2016
DHBK – Earnings Fall Short Due to Higher Provisions & Impairments - 19-04-2016
DHBK – Revising Estimates and Price Target On challenging Outlook - 09-03-2016
DHBK – Revising EDHBK – 4Q2015 Earnings Drop QoQ Due to Impairments and OPEX - 26-01-2016stimates and Price Target On Tepid Outlook - 15-11-2015
DHBK – Revising Estimates and Price Target On Tepid Outlook - 15-11-2015
QNBFS Alert – DHBK Reports a Weak Set of Results in 2Q2015 - 15-07-2015
QNBFS Alert – DHBK 1Q2015 Net Profit Surges QoQ - 21-04-2015
DHBK - Changing Estimates; Revising Price Target - 06-04-2015
DHBK - Changing Estimates; Reducing Target Price 10 12 2014
QNBFS Alert – DHBK 3Q2014 Net Income Falls Short of Expectations - 21-10-2014
QNBFS Alert – DHBK Displays Solid YoY Growth in 2Q2014 - 17-07-2014
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 1Q2014 Net Income up by 1.0% YoY 21 04 2014
DHBK - Maintain Market Perform 23 01 2014
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 3Q2013 Net Income down 6 9% QoQ 21 10 2013
QNBFS Alert - DHBK 2Q2013 Net Income Up 0.9% YoY 22 07 2013
DHBK - 2012 Net Income Misses Estimates on Higher Provisions 21 01 2013
DHBK - 3Q2012 Net Income Dips 8 4% QoQ Revising Estimates Target Price Slightly 21 10 2012
DHBK - 2Q2012 Net Income Misses Estimates; Downgrading to Market Perform 19 07 2012
DHBK - 1Q2012 Net Income Beats on Lower Provisions Upgrading to Outperform 19 04 2012

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (KCBK)

KCBK Alert - In-Line 3Q2021; Drop in CoR Drives Bottom-Line as Margins Compressed-19-10-2021.pdf
KCBK Alert - In-Line 2Q2021; Margins Continued to Drive Revenue but CoR Restricted Growth in Earnings-25-07-2021
KCBK Alert - In-Line 1Q2021; Margin Expansion Drives Revenue but CoR Restricts Growth in Earnings-25-04-2021
KCBK Alert - 3Q2020 Beats Estimates on Strong Revenue; Maintain MP-25-10-2020
KCBK - KCBK Proves to be Resilient; Raising PT to QR1.554-13-08-2020
KCBK Alert - 2Q2020 Beats Estimates on Strong Margins; Encouraging Set of Results-26-07-2020
KCBK - Compelling Dividend Play; Stock is Trading 30% Below BV-29-03-2020
KCBK - 3Q2019 Earnings Misses Estimates; YoY Earnings Driven by Strong Margins-20-10-2019
KCBK - In-Line 2Q2019 With YoY Earnings Driven by Lower Provisions-24-07-2019
KCBK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Capital or Market Cap-11-06-2019
KCBK-In-Line 1Q2019 With YoY Earnings Driven by Lower Provisions; Market Perform-01-05-2019
KCBK - 2018 Driven by Lower CoR; Tweaking Estimates-24-01-2019
KCBK Alert - In-Line 4Q2018 Estimates; DPS Remains Unchanged at 0.75-21-01-2019
KCBK-3Q2018 Falls Short of Estimates Driven by Weaker Than Expected Revenue-25-10-2018
KCBK-In-Line 1Q2018 Margins Expand-22-04-2018
QNBFS Alert – KCBK 4Q2017 Earnings Beat Estimates Maintains DPS at 0.75-25-01-2018
KCBK - Decent 3Q2017 Modifying Estimates-29-10-2017
KCBK - Changing Estimates (2018 & 2019); Maintain PT QR15sh - 25-07-2017
QNBFS Alert – KCBK Reports Weak 2Q2017, Eatimates In-Line; Margin Expansion Positive - 18-07-2017
KCBK - 3Q2016 Disappoints; Lowering Estimates - 23-10-2016
KCBK – Net Profit Down QoQ on Margin Compression & Higher Opex - 20-04-2016
KCBK – Earnings Dip QoQ, Flat YoY; In-Line With Estimates - 21-01-2016
QNBFS Alert – KCBK 2Q2015 Bottom-Line Driven by Net Interest Income & Fees - 16-07-2015
KCBK - Changing Estimates; Maintaining Target Price - 07-04-2015
QNBFS Alert - KCBK 3Q2014 Beats Estimates - 21-10-2014
KCBK - Core Income Boosts Sequential Gains in 2Q2014 Earnings - 21-07-2014
QNBFS Alert – KCBK 3Q2013 Net Income Down 32.3% QoQ - 30-10-2013
KCBK - Solid 2013 Results; Changing rating to Accumulate - 23-10-2013
QNBFS Alert – KCBK 2Q2013 Net Income Up 21.0% QoQ - 31-07-2013
Al Khaliji (KCBK)- Initiating Coverage with an Accumulate - 14-05-2013

Masraf Al-Rayan (MARK)

MARK - 1Q2024 Earnings In-Line Profitability Driven by Margin Expansion Market Perform-28-04-2024
MARK - De-Risking to Continue in 2024 Lowering PT and Moving To Market Perform-13-03-2024
MARK – 4Q2023 Earnings Surge YoY on Lower Opex and CoR DPS QR0.100-24-01-2024
MARK – CoR to Remain Elevated Before Normalizing in 2027 Lowering PT-13-11-2023
MARK Alert – MARK Reports Weak 2Q2023 Profitability Due to Soft Revenue and Slightly Misses Estimates-18-07-2023
MARK – Stock Needs a Catalyst Stay Accumulate For Now-22-05-2023
MARK Alert – MARK Reports Weak 1Q2023 Profitability Due to an Increase in CoFs & Misses Estimates-18-04-2023
MARK - Asset Quality Pressure Erodes RoE Moving to Accumulate With a Lower Price Target-02-02-2023
MARK Alert –MARK Reports 4Q2022 Loss and Asset Quality Comes Under Severe Pressure-30-01-2023
MARK Alert – 3Q2022 Falls Short of Estimates_Provisions_Impairments Surge While Margins Compress-26-10-2022
MARK - Elevated CoR Remains an Overhang; Changing Price Target to QR5.342-05-09-2022
MARK Alert - 2Q2022 Falls Short of Estimates; Provisions and Impairments Surge-24-07-2022
MARK Alert - 1Q2022 Falls Short of Estimates On Account of Large CoR; Net Operating Income In-Line-28-04-2022
MARK Alert - 4Q2021 Misses Estimates On Account of Large CoR-30-01-2022
MARK - Increasing Price Target to QR6.100 on Merger Completion-01-12-2021
MARK Alert - QCB Approves Merger Between MARK & KCBK; Reiterate Outperform on MARK-02-11-2021
MARK Alert - 3Q2021 Broadly In-Line; Margin Pressure Weighed on the Bottom-line-19-10-2021
MARK - Accumulate on Impending Merger & 100% FOL Implementation-04-10-2021
MARK Alert - 2Q2021 In-Line; Strong Revenue, Provisions Remain Elevated-15-07-2021
MARK Alert - QFMA Approves Merger Between MARK and KCBK-17-06-2021
MARK - 100% FOL Along With KCBK Merger to Increase MARK’s Weight in EM Indices; Upgrading to Accumulate & Raising PT to QR5.113-27-04-2021
MARK Alert - 1Q2021 In-Line; BoD Recommends Raising FOL to 100%-20-04-2021
MARK Alert - 4Q2020 Falls Short of Estimates; 24% Cut in DPS; Maintain Market Perform-20-01-2021
MARK Alert - 3Q2020 Beats Estimates; Encouraging Set of Results-12-10-2020
MARK - Flat Earnings Expected in 2020; Remain Market Perform-10-08-2020
MARK Alert - In-Line 2Q2020; Margin Expansion Aided the Bottom-Line-14-07-2020
MARK - Strong Profitability Metrics and Asset Quality Priced In; Market Perform-07-06-2020
MARK Alert - In-Line 1Q2020; Surge in Provisions Prevented Growth in Bottom-Line-26-04-2020
MARK - Prudent Strategy to Drive Mid-Single-Digit Growth Next 5-Years-26-01-2020
MARK - Conservative Strategy to Drive Mid-Single Digit Growth Next 5-Years-30-10-2019
MARK - In-Line 2Q2019; Key Take-Away Modest Margin Pressure & Soft Revenue-17-07-2019
MARK Alert – In-Line 2Q2019 Revenue Earnings but Moderate Margin Pressure; Market Perform-16-07-2019
MARK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Balance Sheet-17-06-2019
MARK-Lower Provisions Drive In-Line 1Q2019; Market Perform-18-04-2019
MARK - Net Reversals Drive 2018 Bottom-Line; Lowering Estimates-27-01-2019
MARK Alert – In-Line 4Q2018 Net Profit & DPS; Maintain Market Perform-22-01-2019
MARK - Net Reversals Drive 3Q2018 Bottom-Line Lowering Estimates for 2019 and 2020 On Account of Margin Pressure-16-10-2018
MARK - In-Line 2Q2018 Spreads; Continued to Contract-18-07-2018
MARK - In-Line 1Q2018 Spreads Continued to Contract-17-04-2018
MARK - Updating Model for 2017 Retaining Market Perform-22-01-2018
QNBFS Alert – MARK 4Q2017 Net Operating Profit InLine With Estimates-17-01-2018
MARK - Increasing Estimates & Upgrading to Market Perform-18-10-2017
QNBFS Alert – MARK Delivers Strong 3Q2017 Exceeding Estimates -17-10-2017
MARK - Maintain Estimates & TP QR34 Post 2Q2017-19-07-2017
QNBFS Alert – MARK Reports Flat 2Q2017, Mixed Set of Results; Estimates In-Line-17 07 2017
MARK – FY2016 Net Profit In-Line; Dividends Surprise - 17 01 2017
QNBFS Alert – MARK Posts Weak 4Q2016 Net Profit; DPS Surprises - 17 01 2017
MARK - 3Q2016 Net Profit Ahead of Estimates; Minor Tweaks - 18 10 2016
MARK - 2Q2016 Net Profit In-Line; Tweaking Estimates - 25 07 2016
MARK – Non-Recurring Loss & Margin Pressure Dents QoQ Growth - 20 04 2016
MARK – Tweaking Estimates and Lowering Price Target - 07 03 2016
MARK – MARK Reports In-Line 4Q2015 Net Profit - 19 01 2016
QNBFS Alert – MARK Posts Weak 2Q2015 Bottom-Line - 14 07 2015
MARK - Transferring Coverage & Revising Estimates - 24 02 2015
MARK - 4Q2014 Estimates & Outlook for 2015-16; Market Perform - 05 01 2015
QNBFS Alert – MARK 3Q2014 Net Income In-Line on a Recurring Basis - 21 10 2014
QNBFS Alert – MARK 2Q2014 Net Income Beats Estimates - 22 07 2014
QNBFS Alert – MARK 4Q2013 Net Income In Line with Estimates - 28 01 2014
QNBFS Alert – MARK 3Q2013 Net Income Inline with Estimates - 29 10 2013
QNBFS Alert MARK 2Q2013 Net Income Up 5.1% QoQ - 23 07 2013
QNBFS Alert MARK 1Q2013 Net Income Up 13.2% YoY - 23 04 2013
MARK - 3Q2012 Net Income Dips 3.6% QoQ; Lowering Estimates & Target Price - 18 10 2012
MARK - 2Q2012 Net Income up 5.1% - 24 07 2012
MARK - 1Q2012 Net Income grows by 7 8% Market Perform - 25 04 2012
MARK - FY2011 Earnings Review - 30 01 2012

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIBK)

QIBK - Broadly In-Line 1Q2024 Earnings Driven by NIM Expansion and CI-18-04-2024
QIBK – Catalyst Needed Moving to Accumulate Reducing TP to QR22.45-31-01-2024
QIBK - In-Line 4Q2023 Earnings Driven by Margin Expansion Fees and Cost Containment-17-01-2024
QIBK – Valuation Remains Undemanding Upgrading to Outperform-09-11-2023
QIBK - 3Q2023 In-Line Earnings Driven by Core Banking Income and Low Opex-18-10-2023
QIBK Alert – 2Q2023 Broadly In-Line With Estimates Earnings Were Driven by Low CoR Stay Accumulate-17-07-2023
QIBK Alert – 1Q2023 Falls Short of Expectations on Lower Net Operating Income Stay Accumulate-12-04-2023
QIBK - Solid Outlook Underpinned by Attractive Valuation Stay Accumulate-05-02-2023
QIBK Alert – 4Q2022 Profit Broadly In-Line With Moderate Upside in DPS Upgrading to Accumulate-17-01-2023
QIBK - 3Q2022 Profit Broadly In-Line with Estimates; RoE Remains Superior; Stay Market Perform-18-10-2022
QIBK - Impressive Rally Hikes Multiples; Retain Price Target But Moving to Market Perform-11-08-2022
QIBK Alert - 2Q2022 Profit Ahead of Estimates; Positive Earnings Trajectory Continues-18-07-2022
QIBK - Limited Upside; Moving to Accumulate & Maintain Target of QR24.176-09-06-2022
QIBK Alert - 1Q2022 Profit Broadly In-Line with Estimates; Lower Provisions & Impairments Drive Earnings-13-04-2022
QIBK - Strong RoE & RoRWAs Generation Capacity; Upgrade to Outperform-02-02-2022
QIBK Alert - 4Q2021 Earnings Beat Estimates but Net Operating Income In-Line DPS a Positive Surprise-17-01-2022
QIBK Alert - 3Q2021 Earnings Beat Estimates but Net Operating Income In-Line; Accumulate-18-10-2021
QIBK - Tweaking Estimates but Overall Earnings Growth Unchanged-22-09-2021
QIBK Alert - 2Q2021 Bests Estimates on Lower Provisions; Accumulate-15-07-2021
QIBK - Trading at a Justified Premium; Upgrading to Accumulate and Raising PT-21-04-2021
QIBK Alert - 1Q2021 In-Line; Strong Operating Results; CoR However, Remains Elevated; Market Perform-12-04-2021
QIBK Alert-4Q2020 In-Line; Strong Revenue; Cut in DPS; Maintain Market Perform-18-01-2021
QIBK Alert - 2Q2020 Beats Estimates; Provisions Prevent Growth in Bottom-Line-16-07-2020
QIBK Alert - 1Q2020 Modestly Falls Short of Estimates; Provisions Prevent Growth in Bottom-Line-16-04-2020
QIBK-A Strong 2019; Upgrading to Market Perform and Raising PT-21-01-2020
QIBK - Strong 3Q2019; Reduce on Stretched Valuations-21-10-2019
QIBK Alert - In-Line 2Q2019; Changing Rating to Reduce from MP Based on Valuation-18-07-2019
QIBK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Balance Sheet-16-06-2019
QIBK - In-Line 2018 Results; Tweaking Estimates & Upping PT-29-01-2019
QIBK Alert–QIBK Beats 4Q2018 Estimates, DPS Remains Unchanged at 5.00 vs. 2017-17-01-2019
QIBK - Decent 3Q2018; In-Line With Estimates-18-10-2018
QIBK-2Q2018 Results Beats Estimates On Lower Provisions-17-07-2018
QIBK-Healthy 1Q2018 Results on an Operating Level Maintain PT104-16 04 2018
QNBFS Alert–QIBK Reports InLine 4Q2017 Net Income-Ups Market Perform-18-01-2018
QNBFS Alert - QIBK Reports In-Line 3Q2017 Maintain Market Perform with QR104 PT-19-10-2017
QIBK - Strong 2Q; Revising Estimates, Maintain PT QR104.00sh-24-07-2017
QNBFS Alert – QIBK Deliver Strong Set of Results; Trumps Estimates-19-07-2017
QNBFS Alert - QIBK Reports Broadly In-Line 1Q2017 Earnings, Elevated Provisioning Prevented Strong Growth QoQ- 17 04 2017
QNBFS Alert - QIBK Reports In-Line 4Q2016 Earnings of QR555mn; Raises Divs. To QR4.75 - 19 01 2017
QIBK - Provisions & Weak Non-Interest Income Impacts 3Q2016 - 20-10-2016
QNBFS Alert – QIBK's 3Q2015 Earnings Driven by Fees, Cost Control & Lower - 14-10-2015
QIBK Reports Strong 2Q2015 Results, Albeit a Rise in Impairments - 14-07-2015
QIBK - Transferring Coverage & Revising Estimates - 10-03-2015
QIBK - Investment Income to Limit Bottom-Line Growth - 25-01-2015
QIBK– 4Q2014 Estimates & Outlook for 2015-16; Market Perform - 07-01-2015
QNBFS Alert – QIBK 2Q2014 Results Beat Estimates - 15-07-2014
QNBFS Alert – QIBK 1Q2014 Results Beat Estimates Slightly - 17-04-2014
QIBK - 4Q2013 Results Inline Maintain Market Perform Rating - 23-01-2014
QNBFS Alert QIBK 3Q2013 Results In Line with Our Estimates - 20-10-2013
QNBFS Alert QIBK 2Q2013 Net Income up 16.4% QoQ - 16-07-2013
QNBFS Alert QIBK 1Q2013 Net Income down 24.9% YoY - 29-04-2013
QIBK - 3Q2012 Results - 24-10-2012
QIBK - 2Q2012 Results Miss Estimates; Maintain Market Perform - 12-07-2012
QIBK - Strong 1Q2012 Results; Upgrading to Outperform - 15-04-2012
Qatar Islamic Bank FY2011 Earnings Review - 22-01-2012

Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIK)

QIIK - Trading at a Premium to Peers Maintain Market Perform and QR10.44 PT-28-05-2024
QIIK - 1Q2024 In-Line With Estimates Stay Market Perform-30-04-2024
QIIK - Trading at Fair Value Maintain Market Perform & QR10.438 PT-12-02-2024
QIIK - 4Q2023 In-Line With Estimates and Historical Trends Stay Market Perform-07-02-2024
QIIK - Limited Upside Maintain Market Perform and QR10.438 PT-05-11-2023
QIIK Alert – 2Q2023 Estimates In-Line; Earnings Driven by Margin Expansion; Stay Market Perform-26-07-2023-23-05-2023
QIIK – Growth Priced In Maintain Market Perform and PT of QR10.438-23-05-2023
QIIK Alert – 1Q2023 Estimates In-Line Earnings Increase Despite a Surge in CoR Stay Market Perform-18-04-2023
QIIK – Stock is Trading at Fair Value Maintain Market Perform and QR10.438 PT -06-02-2023
QIIK Alert – 4Q2022 Estimates In-Line Earnings Driven by Margin Expansion Stay Market Perform-26-01-2023
QIIK Alert – 3Q2022 Beats Estimates; Earnings Driven by Strong Revenue; Stay Market Perform-27-10-2022
QIIK - YTD Rally Leaves Little Room for Further Gains; Maintain QR10.438 PT-21-08-2022
QIIK Alert - 2Q2022 In-Line; Earnings Driven by a Large Drop in Provisions & Impairments Despite Muted Revenue-26-07-2022
QIIK Alert - 1Q2022 In-Line; Earnings Driven by a Large Drop in Provisions & Impairments-25-04-2022
QIIK - Growth and RoE Priced In; Raising PT to QR10.438 & Maintain MP-13-02-2022
QIIK Alert - 4Q2021 In-Line With Estimates and Historical Trends; Ups DPS to QR0.375-25-01-2022
QIIK Alert - 3Q2021 Broadly In-Line; Bottom-Line Growth Driven by a Sharp Drop in Provisions-26-10-2021
QIIK - Remains a Solid Dividend Play; Raising PT to QR8.379-03-08-2021
QIIK Alert - 2Q2021 Slightly Falls Short of Estimates; Bottom-Line Driven by Margin Expansion, Fees and Cost Containment-27-07-2021
QIIK Alert - 1Q2021 In-Line; Bottom-Line Driven by Non-Funded Income and Cost Containment-28-04-2021
QIIK Alert - 4Q2020 Falls Short of Estimates; Provisions Surge; DPS Cut-27-01-2021
QIIK Alert - In-Line 3Q2020; Strong Revenue & Cost Containment Drove Earnings-27-10-2020
QIIK - Remains a Dividend Play; Maintain Market Perform and PT-01-09-2020
QIIK Alert - Broadly In-Line 2Q2020; Surge in Provisions Dampened Strong Revenue Growth-23-07-2020
QIIK Alert - In-Line 1Q2020; Generated Strong Revenue and Net Operating Income-23-04-2020
QIIK - Raising PT & Upgrading to MP on Higher Trading Liquidity-10-02-2020
QIIK - In-Line 2Q2019; Moving to Reduce Given Valuation-22-07-2019
QIIK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Balance Sheet-12-06-2019
QIIK-1Q2019 Earnings Driven by a Drop in Opex and Net Reversals-22-04-2019
QIIK-2018 Earnings Driven by NII & Flat Opex; Minor Changes in Estimates-03-02-2019
QIIK - Strong 3Q2018; Maintain Market Perform Rating-17-10-2018
QIIK - Strong 1Q2018 Maintain Market Perform Rating-01-05-2018
QIIK - 1Q2017 In-Line; Sharp Drop in Provisions & Opex Boosts Earnings 26 04 2017
QIIK - Revising Estimates, Gains from Real Estate Could Surprise Positively 30 01 2017
QNBFS Alert - QIIK 4Q2016 Profitablity Broadly In-line; DPS Flat at QR4.00 - 26 01 2017
QNBFS Alert - QIIK 3Q2016 Profitablity In-line - 25 10 2016
QIIK - Transferring Coverage & Revising Estimates - 09-03-2015
QNBFS Alert - QIIK 2014 Net Income and Dividend In-Line with Estimates - 09-02-2015
QIIK - Lowering Dividend Estimates & Target; Market Perform - 24-12-2014
QNBFS Alert - QIIK 3Q2014 Net Income up 12.6% QoQ - 20-10-2014
QIIK - Lowering Estimates & Target; Shifting to Market Perform - 20-08-2014
QIIK - In-line 4Q2013 Results Maintain Market Perform Rating - 28-01-2014
QNBFS Alert QIIK 3Q2013 Net Income up 12.5% QoQ - 23-10-2013
QNBFS Alert QIIK 2Q2013 Results In line With Estimates - 16-07-2013
QNBFS Alert QIIK 1Q2013 Results In line With Estimates - 21-04-2013
Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIK) Initiating Coverage - 19-11-2012

Al-Ahli Bank (ABQK)

ABQK - Maintaining Forecasts and Market Perform Rating Post 2023 Results-05-03-2024
ABQK - 4Q2023 Earnings In-Line Bottom-line Driven by Investment Income-18-01-2024
ABQK – Raising Price Target and Rating on Better RoE and CoR Outlook-05-12-2023
ABQK - 3Q2023 Earnings In-Line Bottom-line Driven by a Drop in Provisions-17-10-2023
ABQK Alert – 2Q2023 Profit In-Line With Estimates Earnings Driven By NIM Expansion Stay Reduce-20-07-2023
ABQK – Multiples Remain Elevated Stay Reduce-04-06-2023
ABQK Alert – 1Q2023 Profit Slightly Above Estimates Earnings Driven By NIM Expansion; Stay Reduce
ABQK Alert – 3Q2022 In-Line with Estimates; Margin Expansion Drove Earnings-18-10-2022
ABQK - Moving to Reduce as Multiples Remain on the High Side; Retain PT-16-10-2022
ABQK Alert - 2Q2022 In-Line with Estimates; Lower Provisions and Impairments Drove Earnings-26-07-2022
ABQK Alert - 1Q2022 Broadly In-Line; Lower Provisions Impairments Supports Earnings-20-04-2022
ABQK Alert - 4Q2021 Earnings and DPS In-Line; Drop in CoR Led to the Bottom-Line Growth-16-01-2022
ABQK - Moving to Market Perform and Upping TP to QR3.356-15-09-2021
ABQK Alert - 1Q2021 Earnings In-Line; Elevated CoR Restricted Strong Bottom-Line Growth-20-04-2021
ABQK Alert - 3Q2020 Earnings Beats Estimates on Strong Margin Expansion-21-10-2020
ABQK Alert - 2Q2020 Earnings Fall Short of Estimates on Higher than Expected CoR-20-07-2020
ABQK - Valuation Remains Rich; Lowering to Reduce-01-04-2020
ABQK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Balance Sheet-13-06-2019
ABQK - In-Line 1Q2019; YoY Bottom-Line Growth Dented by Doubling of Provisions-21-04-2019
ABQK - In-Line 4Q2018; YoY Bottom-Line Driven By Investment Income Lower & Opex-20-01-2019
ABQK - In-Line 3Q2018; YoY & QoQ Bottom-Line Driven By Lower Provisions-22-10-2018
ABQK – Revising Estimates, Maintaining PT at QR39.00; Fairly Valued - 30 01 2017
ABQK - Adjusting Target Price on account of Stock Dividends - 08 04 2015
ABQK - Changing Estimates; Reducing Target Price - 21 12 2014
ABQK - Lower Provisions QoQ Increases 1Q2014 Net Income - 16 04 2014

Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQK)

CBQK – Undervalued at 26 percent Discount to 2024e BV Lowering PT to QR5.244-04-06-2024
CBQK - 1Q2024 Earnings In-Line; Lower Impairments and Opex Aided Bottom-line-25-04-2024
CBQK – Stock Remains Inexpensive at 2024e PB of 1.0x Lowering PT Stay Outperform-16-11-2023
CBQK - 3Q2023 Bottom-Line In-Line Hyperinflation Dented Earnings-18-10-2023
CBQK Alert – 2Q2023 Profit In-Line Headline Revenue Growth Was Offset by Large Impairments-18-07-2023
CBQK - Valuation Undemanding vs. Potential Growth; Stay Outperform
CBQK Alert – 1Q2023 Profit In-Line; Bottom-Line Driven by Revenue & Flat Provisions & Impairments
CBQK Alert – 4Q2022 Profit Beats Estimates on Lower Provisions; Stay Outperform-25-01-2023
CBQK - 3Q2022 Profit Falls Short of Estimates on Higher Opex; Core Banking Income Remains Healthy-20-10-2022
CBQK - Attractive Valuation Relative to Growth; Hiking Price Target & Upgrading to Outperform-18-09-2022
CBQK Alert - 2Q2022 Profit Ahead of Estimates; Impact from Turkish Hyperinflation Accounting Immaterial So Far-25-07-2022
CBQK Alert - 1Q2022 Profit In-Line with Estimates; Strong Set of Results-21-04-2022
CBQK - Stock Remains Attractive; Raising PT to QR7.995 and Maintain Accumulate-21-02-2022
CBQK Alert 4Q2021 Falls Short of Estimates on Larger Provisions; Revenue In-Line-20-01-2022.pdf
CBQK - RoE Trajectory Better Than Previously Expected; Raising PT to QR7.42-18-11-2021
CBQK Alert - 3Q2021 Beats on Net Interest Income Upside and Lower Provisions; Record High Profits-25-10-2021.pdf
CBQK Alert - 2Q2021 Beats Estimates; Excellent Set of Results-28-07-2021
CBQK-Upping Stake in NBOB by a Further 15.2%-06-06-2021
CBQK Alert - 1Q2021 Bests Estimates; Core Revenue Remains Strong; Maintain Outperform-26-04-2021
CBQK - International Operations a Drag but Valuation Still Attractive; Raising PT to QR5.143-01-03-2021
CBQK Alert - Core Revenue In-Line but 4Q2020 EPS Falls Short of Estimates on Record High Provisions-28-01-2021
CBQK Alert - Core Revenue In-Line but 3Q2020 EPS Falls Short of Estimates on Higher Provisions-26-10-2020
CBQK - Stock Remains Attractive; Maintain Outperform Rating and PT-20-09-2020
CBQK Alert - 2Q2020 Beats Estimates on Significantly Lower Provisions; Revenue In-Line-26-07-2020
CBQK - Upgrade to Outperform on Attractive Valuation; Lowering Estimates and PT-31-05-2020
CBQK Alert - 1Q2020 Falls Short of Estimates; Losses from Investments & Associates Dented Earnings-22-04-2020
CBQK - Strong 2019; Momentum To Continue; Raising PT-04-02-2020
CBQK Alert - Delivers Strong FY2019 Results; Impairs UAB-30-01-2020
CBQK - Banking on a Turnaround; Raising PT to QR4.95-03-11-2019
CBQK - Delivers a Decent 2Q2019; Maintain Market Perform-23-07-2019
CBQK Alert - Adjusting Price Target to Reflect 10-for-1 Stock Split; No Impact on Capital or Market Cap-11-06-2019
CBQK-Decline in Opex & Provisions Drives an In-Line 1Q2019-21-04-2019
CBQK-Encouraging 2018; Upping PT to QR43.00-10-02-2019
CBQK-2018 Analysts Day; 5-Year Turnaround on the Right Path-15-11-2018
CBQK-Efficiency and CoR on the Right Track; RoE Remains Key-04-11-2018
CBQK-1Q2018 Trumps Estimates Credit Costs Normalize 19-04-2018
CBQK - Encouraging 2017 Maintain PT QR29-01-02-2018
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 4Q2017 Profits Surge on Sharp Drop in Provisions Announces DPS QR1.0-30-01-2018
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 3Q2017 Estimates In-Line on Operating Basis Miss Due to Associates 18-10-2017
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 3Q2017 Negative Read-Through 16-10-2017
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 2Q2017 Disappoints Again 19-07-2017
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 1Q2017 Disappoints; Provisions Higher than Expected 18-04-2017
CBQK - 1Q2017 Disappoints; Provisions Higher than Expected 18-04-2017
QNBFS Alert - CBQK Generates a Profit in 4Q2016 Due to a Drop in Provisions 22-02-2017
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 4Q2016 and Full Year Results to be Negatively Impacted From UAB 15-02-2017
CBQK - Analysts' Day; Key Takeaways 29-11-2016
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 3Q2016 Reports Loss on the Back of Provisions 19-10-2016
CBQK - 2Q2016 Results Disappoint; A bank Deal to Create Further Pressure 20-07-2016
QNBFS Alert - BREXIT-Related Currency Exposures Minimal for Qatari Banks 26-06-2016
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 1Q2016 Results Weaker Than Expected 26-04-2016
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 1Q2016 Results to be Positively Impacted From UAB 21-04-2016
CBQK - Revising Estimates and Price Target on Muted Outlook 17-03-2016
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 4Q2015 Results Negative Across the Board 28-01-2016
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 4Q2015 Results to be Adversely Impacted From UAB 26-01-2016
CBQK - Revising Estimates and Price Target 19-11-2015
QNBFS Alert - CBQK Results Adversely Impacted From UAB 19-10-2015
QNBFS Alert - CBQK Beats Estimates on Strong Non-Interest Income & Gain on Property 15-07-2015
QNBFS Alert CBQK 1Q2015 Disappoints 23-04-2015
CBQK - Compelling Long-Term Value; Upgrade to Outperform 12-04-2015
QNBFS Alert - CBQK FOL Increase in the Works; 2015 Estimates Likely to be Revised Down 04-03-2015
CBQK - Changing Estimates; Reducing Target Price 14-12-2014
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 2Q2014 Earnings Misses on Higher-Than-Expected Provisions 24-07-2014
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 1Q2014 Net Income Up 8.3% YoY 29-04-2014
QNBFS Alert - CBQK 4Q2013 Net Income Up 7 0% QoQ 10-02-2014
The Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQK) Initiating Coverage with an Outperform 11-12-2013

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