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Private Banking Investment Services: Your best chance of success

Of course, you’re always looking to maximize your portfolio returns. At QNB, experience has taught us that the best results come from partnering with a professional financial services provider to diversify your investments.

Our award-winning Asset & Wealth Management department operates under a number of guiding principles. We are:

  • Empirical – We like to base investment decisions on facts not speculation.
  • Pragmatic – We follow numbers more than fads, with a monthly routine which involves ongoing strategy formulation, due diligence and re-rating of our investment selections according to a strict criteria set and database.
  • Transparent – We believe in simple investable securities. Complexity is often used to hide hidden risks and mask the real source of investment returns.
  • Agnostic – We are investors, not traders, and do not adhere ex ante to any specific style.
  • Optimistic – We don’t think that having a contrarian view adds value to client portfolios. Our portfolios don’t go against the grain and are not designed for ‘disastrous events’.

QNB Asset & Wealth Management has worked to develop a leading platform of investment instruments covering equity, fixed-income, structured products and commodity investments that, depending on a client’s risk profile, can be combined into a portfolio to create a value-adding investment solution.

The following funds are managed by a skillful team of fund managers with extensive investment experience, proven expertise and in-depth understanding.


Is a fixed-income fund investing in dollar-denominated debt securities, issued mainly by borrowers from the MENA region. The objective of the fund is to provide a return above fixed deposit rates with a low-risk investment approach. This fund will distribute returns twice a year and offers daily liquidity.


 Is a new QNB Sukuk fund investing in a diversified portfolio of dollar-denominated Sukuk securities, issued by governments, government agencies, and companies globally. The QNB Sukuk fund follows a low-risk strategy.


Is an equity fund which aims to provide access to Qatar’s future growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of Qatari blue-chip companies.


Invests in a diversified portfolio of stocks listed in markets located in the Middle East and North of Africa (“MENA”), including Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.


Aims to provide investors with efficient exposure to selected commodities within a relative-return strategy. The fund invests in commodity related ETFs and equities.


Aims to capture the long-term economic growth in the Asia-Pacific ex Japan region (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand) by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks from the region.

QNB Debt Fund

 Aims to provide investors with competitive, investment returns from selected bonds issued by reputable companies located in Qatar and the other member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council and their entities in any region with a fund’s maximum average portfolio duration of four years.

As a QNB Private Banking client, you can benefit from our wealth of expertise in all the areas mentioned under the funds described above. However, there are other attractive areas of investment for which it is more appropriate to partner with those we believe to be, at any point in time, the best providers. Currently, we invest with Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Amundi Pioneer, Ninety one and Schroders, among others, and can offer clients access to various funds they provide – chosen after applying our robust and disciplined investment fund-selection and due-diligence process.

Structured Products

All the above-mentioned investment products carry standard market risks. However, our Asset & Wealth Management department can also offer products tailor-made or structured to, for example, guarantee the value for your capital while still allowing investors to participate in the potential growth of the underlying asset.

The QNB Asset & Wealth Management department is at your disposal, should you wish to give us further insight into your goals and objectives, or to discuss the examples illustrated above in further detail, whether individually or as part of a portfolio.


Please contact your appointed Private Banking Relationship Manager to begin a beneficial discussion.

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