Make the right eco-friendly and sustainable choice and give your SME the right start with a green vehicle loan at a competitive interest rate of 6.25%. These cars often has advanced technologies and features that enhance safety and provide a smoother driving experience. So not only are you saving money, but you are also making a positive impact on the plant! 


Vehicle Dealer Quotation (not older than 7 days)
The vehicle must be in the eligible green vehicle list
Copy of Company legal documents such as:

  • CR 
  • QIDs of all owners
  • Request letter signed by owner/s

Additional documentation or requirements may be applicable


  • An annual interest rate of 6.25% (The interest rate is subject to change according to the conditions of the QCB)
  • No management fees
  • Fast approval
  • Only 20% down payment is required
  • Financing of electric and hybrid new and pre-owned cars