Commercial Banking

This unit is responsible for delivering a full range of banking services to Qatar’s business community.Within the general categories of manufacturing and trading, this unit covers the following industries and sectors, among others:
  • Import & export of commodities
  • Components, spare parts and tools
  • Transport, vehicles and heavy equipment
  • White goods/appliances and furnishings
  • Foodstuffs, agricultural products and consumables
  • Telecommunications
  • Money exchange
  • Insurance services
  • Brokers
  • General services
The unit’s team of professionals, supported by the Bank’s Trade Finance and Operations departments, does not identify achievements in the domestic market through individual projects or transactions, but rather through comprehensive service to a trading economy in which almost all domestic corporate entities have some relationship or trading/transactional interface with QNB. 
QNB’s corporate banking market share in Qatar is estimated at around 45% of the overall banking industry, by far the largest share for a single bank.

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