Covid-19 National Response Support Programe


Covid-19 National Response Guarantee program can be claimed by the following beneficiaries:

  • 100% privately owned enterprises incorporated under the regulation applicable to Qatar.

  • All such enterprises must have a valid commercial registration and license or other certification to prove incorporation and operation.

  • To be eligible for the program, Qatari Partner should hold a minimum of 10% share in the beneficiary company’s capital.

  • Given the nature of the Private Sector Stabilization Guarantee Scheme, it will be limited to enterprises with proven negative impact of the covid-19 outbreak.

  • Covid-19 National Response Guarantee program cannot be extended to enterprises operating in real estate, pharmacy and supermarket sectors.

Note: The sector eligibility will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the Covid-19 National Response Guarantee program focuses on the right target segment. Therefore, they will be amended from time to time.

Required Documents:

  • Customer application form
  • Request letter which clearly specifies loan tenure and amount limits for (rentals and salaries up to max. upcoming 6 months), and proposed repayment tenure of maximum tenure of 3 years for date of disbursement, and grace period of max. 12 months. And below are available loan duration and with corresponding interest rates:

Loan duration from origination

Up to 1 year

Up to 2 years

Up to 3 years

Applied interest rate

No Interest

QMR + 2%


Current QMR rate is 2.5% as of 21st May 2020, available and updated on QCB portal.

  • Clear and fresh copy of CR, trade license, and computer card for the borrowing company. Clear and fresh copy of partners’ IDs and passport copies for expatriate partners
  • Staff payroll information for upcoming 3 months in excel format showing employee QID`s, ( Eligible employee salary is QAR10,000/-  for any employees whose salaries exceeding QAR10,000, this is the max. amount that they will receive under this program )
  • Valid rental contract(s) attested by the Municipality before April 2020 or proof for last 3 months rental payment  which have been made before April 2020 or proof that property services ID (Kharma) registered under the tenant`s name before April 2020. 
  • Clear and fresh copy of the landlord`s or QID ( in case of individual) with account details.
  • In case the rent paid cash or not appearing in QNB statement (either by Cheque or transfer) then proof that last 3 months rent has been paid to the landlord before April 2020.

All above requirements have to be sent to the email address: COVID19-NRGP@qnb.com, and please clearly mention in the email subject “COVID-19 – Company Name & Account No.”

How to Apply?

Pease forward all above-mentioned required documents to COVID19-NRGP@qnb.com for review. Relationship Manager will forward Application form to customers who are eligible.

Please make sure that all requirements are submitted in One Email and to be compressed as ZIP format (NOT RAR format) and don’t send any links for uploaded documents on external websites.

Please be informed that last date allowed for request submission ( full documents ) is 30 September 2020

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