Device Registration

For an even simpler login to Mobile Banking.

Here’s a smart tip: If you’re regularly using the same phone or tablet to access QNB Mobile Banking, you can now log in and register your device so that all your future logins can be securely completed without the need for further SMS PINs.

What benefits does device registration for Mobile Banking offer?

  • Secure, convenient login with just username and password
  • SMS notification of successful and unsuccessful logins
  • Simple de-registration via Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or Call Center

How to register your smartphone or tablet, in three easy steps:

  • Register your device when you first log into the app. If you skip this step, you can access it later via the ‘Register’ button under the ‘More/Settings/My Devices’ menu.
  • Choose a unique name for each device. You can register up to five devices under your username – with the option to de-register any device registered previously.
  • Once you have submitted your registration, each device will then be available for your use on QNB Mobile Banking without the need for further One-Time SMS PINs.

How to de-register – should you sell, lose or stop using a registered device:

Option A: Log into QNB Mobile Banking, select ‘More/Settings/My Devices’, then choose the device that you wish to de-register.
Option B: Log into QNB Internet Banking, select ‘My Profile/My registered QNB Mobile Banking Devices’, then choose the device that you wish to de-register.
Option C: Call our Customer Care Center on 4440 7777 to de-register any device that is registered under your username.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory to register my devices?
No. It’s an optional service which makes logging in easier and more convenient.
How many devices can I register under my username?
Up to 5 devices.
Can I register the same device under different usernames?
Yes. You can register a device up to 5 usernames (in case, for example, you are sharing a tablet in your family)
Can I log into QNB Mobile Banking with an unregistered device?
Yes – using your username, password and a One-Time SMS PIN.
If I delete and later re-install the app, will I have to re-register my device?
Yes. You’ll need to remove the previous registration and register the device again.
Is the device registration secure?
Yes. Upon registering your device you still need to use your password or biometric authentication during the login process, and for certain transactions further SMS PIN is required to make your transactions even safer. Agreeing to register your mobile device also means you agree that the Bank will keep the device ID (Unique Identified Number) as a reference and recognition that you own the device. You are responsible to ensure the device’s safety. If, under any circumstances, the device is not in your possession, you are required to de-register the device.
What happens if I lose a registered device?
You can de-register the device via Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or Call Center.

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