Dividend Distribution

 The table below shows the list of dividend companies handled through QNB


Company Name

UDCD (United Development Company)

BRES (Barwa Real Estate Co.)

QGTS (Qatar Gas Transport Co. (Nakilat)

DOHI (Doha Insurance Co)

QCFS (Qatar Cinema & Film Distribution Co.)

ORDS (Ooredoo)

MCGS (Mediacare Group)

IQCD (Industries Qatar)

GISS (Gulf International Services Co.)

QEWS (Qatar Electricity and water)

NLCS (Al Ijarah)

QNNS (Qatar Navigation (Milaha)

QIGD (Qatari Investors Group)

VFQS (Vodafone Qatar)

IGRD (Investment Holding Group)

MERS (Al Meera)

QFLS (Qatar Fuel Company)

QAMC (Qatar Aluminium Manufacturing Company)


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